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The road to Hell is paved with good intentions and driven down by a big red truck.

Formerly a police officer by the name of Orion Pax, Optimus Prime is the leader of the Autobots. The first true heir to the title of "Prime" and holder of the Matrix of Leadership in millennia, Optimus's commitment to freedom and equality for all sentient beings is backed up by incredible leadership skills that allowed him and his forces to hold the line against the tyrannical Megatron and his Decepticons for millennia. Now that the war is over, however, Optimus occasionally feels at a loss with what to do with himself in this time of relative peace.

After contact was restored between Cybertron and several of its long lost colony worlds, Optimus found that many of the inhabitants of these colonies viewed him and the corrupt Primes of old as holy figures. While Optimus has always struggled to reconcile who he is with the dark legacy of the title he holds, some worry that the worship of the colonists has gone to his head, leading him to repeat the evils of his predecessors. Of particular concern is his annexation of Earth into the Cybertronian Council of Worlds, a move he claims was for the planet's own protection but many others see as the beginnings of a new empire...

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Hasbro Universe[edit | edit source]

Though initially interested in more intellectual pursuits during his education, Orion Pax ultimately became a rising star in the Cybertronian police, eventually becoming captain of the Rodion police department. While working as a cop, he learned of a miner and political writer by the name of Megatron who had been arrested unfairly. After getting Megatron released, Orion encouraged him to continue his fight against the Functionism that purveyed Cybertronian society, having been quite inspired by his words. Chaos Theory Part 1 TFWikiFavicon.png After discovering just how corrupt the Cybertronian senate was, Orion forced his way into the Grand Imperium to make a defiant speech calling out the planet's leaders. Touched by Orion's speech, Senator Shockwave befriended the officer, the two bots becoming close allies in the struggle against the senate's corruption. Chaos Theory Part 2 TFWikiFavicon.png After the senate discovered Shockwave was plotting against them, they had him arrested and punished by their goons, forcing Orion to go on the run before making contact with Zeta, another ally of Shockwave's. An Intimate Beheading TFWikiFavicon.png

After Megatron and his new Decepticon army murdered the majority of the Senate and their leader Sentinel Prime, Zeta was chosen to become the new Prime and lead the new, supposedly better Senate. Though Orion believed Zeta was a force for positive change, he eventually proved to be just as corrupt and evil as his predecessors. Forming an alliance with Megatron, Orion helped to overthrow Zeta Prime but was betrayed by Megatron. Shot and left for dead, the wounded Orion discovered the long lost Matrix of Leadership and was revived as Optimus Prime. Autocracy TFWikiFavicon.png With the Decepticons having become the thing they once stood against, Primacy Optimus Prime took up leadership of the Autobots and waged war against them, even as the conflict all but destroyed Cybertron Stormbringer and spilled off onto other worlds. Inflitration TFWikiFavicon.png

After four million years, the war finally came to a head on Earth. After a traitor in the Autobot's ranks gave the Decepticons intel that allowed them to make an all out attack against key Autobot outposts, Optimus Prime was nearly killed but made a miraculous recovery just in time to drive the main Decepticon force off Earth, critically injuring Megatron in the process. Unfortunately, Prime didn't recover in time to prevent widespread chaos and destruction all across the planet. All Hail Megatron TFWikiFavicon.png Without Megatron's leadership, the Decepticons forward momentum stalled, leading to the Autobots declaring victory over them within a matter of years. The Transformers vol. 1 TFWikiFavicon.png In the aftermath of the war's final battle, Cybertron was restored and the Matrix was broken in half. As millions of Cybertronians who'd remained neutral returned home, Optimus found that they viewed him as a symbol of the war that destroyed their planet. Leaving the halves of the Matrix behind, Optimus relinquished his title and went back to Orion Pax before leaving Cybertron to roam the stars in hopes of maintaining peace. The Death of Optimus Prime TFWikiFavicon.png While off in space, Orion discovered a plot engineered by his old friend Shockwave, one that he eventually found would lead to the destruction of time and space. Robots in Disguise season 1 TFWikiFavicon.png Reclaiming his title, Optimus teamed up with a repentant Megatron to stop Shockwave's scheme. Dark Cybertron TFWikiFavicon.png

Six months later, after presiding over Megatron's trial, Optimus returned to Earth to try and rescue his missing mentor Alpha Trion. Upon arrival however, it was discovered that the Earth Defense Command had allied themselves with Galvatron's Decepticon cell, as a result of Megatron's defection to the Autobots. The Autobots managed to defeat the EDC however and rescued Alpha Trion. In private however, Alpha Trion revealed to his apprentice that he'd come to Earth specifically to retrieve the ancient Enigma of Combination. Optimus soon took a sabbatical to research the Engima's history and returned home in time for first contact with Caminus. Before travelling to the lost colony however, Windblade revealed the energy starved state of her homeworld would make them easy targets for Starscream's ambitions but that Optimus himself would be revered due to the Way of Flame religion. Ultimately Optimus decided to play the part of a messiah, if only to stop Starscream from turning the colonies into an empire, using this newfound faith to try and create a representational republic. In the process however, Prowl, and Constructicons arrived on Caminus intending to use the power of Devastator to destroy Starscream and prevent a Cybertronian expansion. Soon enough, Optimus found himself combined with Prowl and several others as Optimus Maximus and managed to stop the tumultuous "Combiner Wars" before they properly began, marking the beginning of the Council of Worlds. Robots in Disguise season 2 TFWikiFavicon.png Windblade TFWikiFavicon.png

On Caminus, Optimus discussed the legacy of the Primes with the Mistress of Flame. On Cybertron, Optimus asked a young Camien called Aileron, to help him gather perspective on himself and his role in society. The two eventually met the Torchbearers who were insulted at Optimus' self-doubts and agnosticism, with their leader, Pyra Magna, believing she was more worthy of the Matrix than Optimus. As Galvatron prepared to conquer Earth, Optimus Prime was driven by the faith of the colonists to annex the Earth into the Cybertronian Council of Worlds, declaring it under his protection. As part of this, the Autobots started providing humanitarian aid, though the decision proved highly controversial among both humans and Cybertronians. Optimus eventually blackmailed Soundwave into uniting forces against Galvatron before he awoke Metrotitan from beneath the ground in Monument Valley. While terrifying the human population and government, Metrotitan was all the proof the vast majority of the Transformer race needed to accept Optimus as a true Prime and offer their support. Arcee, Soundwave, and Optimus then slew Galvatron, who offered an ominous warning about the ancient Primes returning before he died. Galvatron's prophecy came to pass when Sentinel Prime, in reality a Titan Master known as Infinitus, arrived and declared himself the "Herald of Onyx Prime". Though Optimus failed to defeat Sentinel, the alliance between him and Soundwave grew stronger by fighting the ancient Prime. Optimus then dubbed Metrotitan's city mode as "Autobot City", establishing it as the Cybertronian embassy on Earth. Robots in Disguise season 2 TFWikiFavicon.png

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Some months later, the deposits of Ore-13 across Earth were in a state of fission and could theoretically destroy Earth. Optimus' fears that the humans would view it as an act of aggression were well-founded as G.I. Joe became dedicated to destroying the Autobots. Confronting the humans in Portland, the one-sided fight was interrupted by the arrival of a Space Knight who slew four Joes. Knowing the Autobots would be blamed, Optimus ordered his men to follow the Knight whom they overpowered with the Knight introducing himself as Rom. Bringing the Knight back to Autobot City, Optimus learned from Windblade of a mental message from Micronus Prime requesting aid for his realm of Microspace. With memories of Prion still fresh in his mind, Optimus put aside helping Micronus for the moment.

In a later debate however, Rom used his armor to send Ore-13 samples into Microspace, threatening that universe. Realizing his folly, Optimus made Rom stand down and pledged that they would help both Microspace and Earth but not at the cost of the other. No sooner had the group made the acquaintance of Snake Eyes and the Micronauts, did the rogue human general, Miles Mayhem attack with his M.A.S.K. troops along with an army of Dire Wraiths. After casually destroying the Rhino vehicle, Optimus was attacked by Wraiths who soon abandoned him in favour of betraying Miles Mayhem who summoned Baron Karza who enerchanged with and absorbed all the Wraiths. It was through this act that Optimus realized Karza was the common enemy and rallied everyone to fight him, holding the line against the interdimensional conqueror until Soundwave hit on the plan to stop Karza and save Earth. After Karza had been defeated, Optimus admitted to G.I. Joe that he was wrong in believing only the Autobots could defend Earth and invited them all to work together. Revolution

Not long afterwards, Optimus, Jazz, and Arcee investigated a Space Bridge fluctuation in Monument Valley where they were confronted by a vengeful Baron Karza wearing the body of Micronus Prime. Karza overpowered his foes before they could overcome their shock and imprisoned the Autobots in an orbiting prison. The trio were soon freed by the Micronauts and helped turn the tide against the Acroyear III army before Shazraella arrived, clad in Time Traveler energy. Optimus tried to sucker-punch Karza only for the tyrant to again enerchange with Micronus. The two fought only for Shazraella to lose control of her temporal powers forcing Optimus and Karza into an alliance. Shazraella proved too powerful for them both however and was only defeated by the intervention of Oziron Rael who had become a Time Traveler. The Time Travelers then proposed a treaty of friendship between Earth and Microspace to Optimus who accepted. Wrath of Karza

Soon afterwards, several colonists chose to emigrate to Earth to serve under Optimus. A Quintesson Cruiser soon arrived on Earth, carrying within a collection of suspicious Junkions seemingly eager for trade. Optimus arranged for a meeting of world leaders only for Rum-Maj to try and use her Sharkticons to conquer Earth. After Soundwave had rallied the Sharkticons into rebelling, Optimus managed to convince everyone to stand down and work together. Optimus later took Pyra Magna to Crystal City in the hopes that discussion on neutral ground would aid in easing tensions between the two. After checking up on Alpha Trion, it was announced that Marissa Faireborn had been chosen as Earth's ambassador on the Council of Worlds. Optimus Prime TFWikiFavicon.png

At Garrison Blackrock's signal, Prime and Metrotitan travelled to Buenos Aires to aid the Revolutionaries in combating the Iron Ring. Though the two helped turn the tide of the battle, the Iron Ring managed to escape via the M.A.S.S. Device. In the immediate aftermath, Optimus made the acquaintance of Sgt. Savage who found the Prime's name to be quite badass. Ghost in the Machine TFWikiFavicon.png

Optimus briefly conferred with Centurion before the ceremony was thrown into chaos from the Iron Ring's attack. Optimus briefly teamed up with Action Man and gave the Revolutionaries permission to hunt down Colditz to try and rescue Centurion and Garrison Blackrock. Unification Day: Dawn TFWikiFavicon.png

As the Council of Worlds debated what action to take, G.I. Joe and M.A.S.K. arrived with Soundwave claiming Joe Colton was behind the attack. Out of all the Council, only Optimus believed Colton could actually threaten Cybertron and visited an imprisoned Scarlett to inform her that he was on her side. When Colton managed to evade the Cybertronian army, Optimus freed the humans from jail and took Arcee and Soundwave down into Cybertron to stop the Iron Ring. The group fought their way past Colton's myriad of elaborate traps eventually overtaking him and arriving at the core first. Optimus briefly fought Destro before the Council arrived to arrest everyone and he fought Elita One and Starscream. Admist the chaos of the fighting, Garrison Kreiger activated the mysterious Talisman, revealing himself to be an alien wizard known as "Merklynn" who turned a portion of Cybertron's underground into New Prysmos before teleporting all combatants back to Iacon. First Strike

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Carlos Guzman had a toy and poster of Optimus Prime decorating his office. Clue #1

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