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This article is about the team. For the eponymous comic series, see Revolutionaries (comic).

Imagine if you will the greatest team of heroes ever assembled. So in sync with one another that they never bicker and rarely need to talk to coordinate their actions. The Revolutionaries are not that team. A team of misfits from different backgrounds, they've been drawn together by the mysterious Talisman and stumbled upon a conspiracy as well as a supervillain plot that may very well mark the end of the world. With a plethora of allies from all over the globe to call across however, who knows, they might make something of themselves.

Their members are:

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The Revolutionaries came together after Blackrock, seeking to discover more about his Titan Master heritage, discovered the Talisman in Schleteva. In the process of studying the relic however, he somehow unleashed a wave of energy that mutated the people above him into partial Dire Wraiths. This prompted a response from G.I. Joe, who sent Mayday's squad, and the Action Man Programme, who sent Kup and Ian. The Space Knight Rom was also drawn to the site with the unlikely band of heroes facing off against the rogue Oktober Guard for the relic. The Guard was ultimately successful in retrieving it, teleporting the artifact (and Action Man) to the Moon. Once Rom had taken his leave, Blackrock directed the Action Man Programme to take the mutated humans to the Onyx tower in Buenos Aires while he led the motley crew to the Micronauts. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png

After meeting with the Micronauts in Seattle, the two parties agreed to a team-up to storm the Section Sabine Cobra moonbase to rescue their ally and retrieve the Talisman discovering that the mysterious Baron Ironblood was the mastermind behind the plot. Enter the Shadow TFWikiFavicon.png Seeking more information, Ian and Blackrock used their contacts to contact Richard Ruby to learn how the Adventure Team first found the Talisman in the 1980s. Ruby recounted the tale ending with the Talisman being taken into custody by Garrison Kreiger, former CEO of I.R.O.N. who disappeared from the public eye some years back. The Secret of the Mummy's Tomb TFWikiFavicon.png

Undeterred, the Revolutionaries set out for Kalistan to storm the compound of Count van Rani. With the help of Snake Eyes, the team breached the castle and found that not only was Kreiger still alive but that he had enslaved the missing Predacons to perfect their Predaking gestalt. The group managed to defeat van Rani and Predaking but Kreiger managed to escape. The Iron Klaw TFWikiFavicon.png

Knowing that Kreiger would recruit Tomax Paoli, the Revolutionaries set out for San Francisco but were blindsided by the lost Eukarian Centurion who was under the thrall of Kreiger and believed all his kind to be destructive abominations that deserved death. Mayday and Action Man took down Paoli however while Blackrock hacked into I.R.O.N.'s system and found Centurion's backstory. Kup and Blackrock talked down the wayward Eukarian and sent him off to Buenos Aires to recover while they headed to Brasnya to follow up a lead on the missing Atomic Man. Strange Visitors TFWikiFavicon.png After recruiting M.A.S.K., the group stormed Kreiger's compound beneath the crater where Centurion's ship once lay. Using Atomic Man however, Kreiger was able to hold off the heroes until Action Man appealed to the cyborg and made him see what he was doing. Repentant, Atomic Man stood down, sacrificing his life so Kreiger would face justice but his deactivation caused the time lost Sgt. Savage to materialize. Power and Glory TFWikiFavicon.png

With Savage accompanying them, the Revolutionaries retreated back to the Onyx tower to await a G.I. Joe squad to collect Kreiger while they tied up loose ends. Centurion however was still loyal to Kreiger and disabled the tower's defences before attacking Kup while Storm Shadow stabbed Blackrock through the chest and Doctor X held Action Man and Bryce Chan at gunpoint. Ironblood's cabal then teleported in onto the roof. Savage saw right through the man and leapt at the Baron, unmasking him as none other than Joe Colton himself. When Eagles Scream TFWikiFavicon.png

With G.I. Joe handling the upper levels, Mayday used a Red Shadow to repel down to Blackrock before she engaged Storm Shadow. As Blackrock's spark began to fade, his consciousness was transported to the realm of infraspace where he encountered Onyx Prime and the spectre of Mike Power. The latter made Blackrock realize that his past did not define him and made him realize what he had to do and sent out a summons to Metrotitan. Concurrently, Action Man destroyed the restraints around the Wraith mutates to overwhelm Doctor X. When the Titan arrived, he deposited Optimus Prime, who aided G.I. Joe in containing the mutates. Upon returning to the living plane, Blackrock used his connection to the Talisman's software and Storm Shadow's Wraith/Human DNA to engineer a curative wave to counter the Talisman's effects. Beaming it to Metrotitan, the Titan beamed it out to all the infected, turning them back into humans. The wave also had the most unexpected side-effect of releasing the consciousness of Mike Power into Centurion, creating a new being out of the two's personalities. Despite the villains escaping with the Talisman, the Revolutionaries patted themselves on the back...before a woman arrived asking for help finding her boyfriend. Mournfully, Mayday realized he must have been among the Wraith-mutates slain before Rom had revealed the true nature of the creatures. Centurion grimly stated this was as good a win as could be before the Revolutionaries concluded that next time fate called upon them, they would have to fight even harder and be even better. Ghost in the Machine TFWikiFavicon.png

The Revolutionaries were present in Iacon for Earth joining the Council of Worlds and when the Iron Ring attacked. The bounty hunter Colditz made his way to Centurion, convincing the Eukarian to turn on Blackrock and follow him into the wilderness. At Optimus Prime's order, and bolstered by Arcee, the Revolutionaries followed. Unification Day: Dawn TFWikiFavicon.png When they caught up with their friends, it transpired that Kreiger had Colditz lure Centurion to the wilderness so that the Revolutionaries would kill their friend and prevent him from derailing Kreiger's scheme. Blackrock was able to talk Centurion down however, leaving him alive but in deep stasis, costing them any chance of easily defeating Kreiger. After the Iron Ring's defeat, the Revolutionaries were interviewed for their opinions on recent events. Unification Day: Dusk TFWikiFavicon.png

After New Prysmos had been created, the Revolutionaries went their separate ways: Action Man and Mayday returned to Earth while Blackrock and Centurion went looking for Cybertron's new generation of protoforms with Kup going off to negotiate with the Prysmosian refugees now squatting on Cybertron. The Dead Come Home, Part 1 TFWikiFavicon.png