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Scrap-Iron (or Scrap Iron) is an engineer and weapons designer specializing in explosives under the employ of Cobra.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Scrap Iron was among the Cobra forces who invaded and took over the town of Warrenton, Ohio. As G.I. Joe began staging their attack on the mall Cobra was using as a base, Scrap Iron hung out on the roof holding a dead man's switch that would cause the various explosives Cobra had planted throughout the town to go off. Homefront Part 4 Confronted by Tunnel Rat, Scrap Iron threatened to release the switch if he tried anything and talked the Joe into dropping his gun. Though he failed to anticipate Tunnel Rat shorting out his switch with an EMP grenade he had strapped to his back, Scrap Iron taunted the seemingly victorious Joe by informing him that his wasn't the only detonator. To that point, Baroness then activated her detonator, setting off the explosives and allowing Scrap Iron to escape Tunnel Rat's clutches in the ensuing chaos. Homefront Part 5

Several years later, after Cobra had fallen and been rebuilt with the Baroness as the organization's new Commander, Scrap-Iron remained loyal to the new Cobra. With Cobra Commander taking control of V.E.N.O.M. while their leader was away on Cybertron, she had Scrap-Iron rebuild the transforming vehicles used by the organization's three field agents and give them the ability to combine into the mighty King Cobra. G.I. Joe First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png

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