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Growing up in the shadow of the Navy, Hector X. Delgado always knew the sailor's life was the one for him. After lying about his age to get the chance to live and work on those ships he so admired, Delgado went on to have a distinguished career as a Navy SEAL before his nautical skills and keen tactical mind earned him an invitation into the elite G.I. Joe unit under the codename Shipwreck!

While his aquatic accomplishments can't be denied, Shipwreck's true expertise lies pretty firmly in nautical matters. This has caused some to look down on him for his relatively narrow skill set, which in turn has caused Shipwreck to feel he doesn't get the kind of respect he deserves. While he was at one time as salty a sailor as they come, Shipwreck has recently mellowed out somewhat and taken an interest in the protection of the environment. As captain of G.I. Joe's underwater headquarters Lemuria, Shipwreck not only oversees the former Decepticon ship's day-to-day operations but is also in charge of the mess hall's new, environmentally friendly, meat-free menu, something that has also earned him very few points with his fellow Joes.

While stationed at the Naval station in Norfolk, Shipwreck supposedly earned the nickname of Badass. He'd prefer it if you called him that instead. Shipwreck has also owned both a drone and an actual parrot named Polly.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

IDW Hasbro Universe[edit | edit source]

Origins[edit | edit source]

Born in San Diego, California, Hector X. Delgado never knew his real parents and bounced from foster home to foster home with the only true constant in his life being his fascination with the ships of the local naval base. Having seen many of his friends fall into crime and drug addiction, Delgado decided he wanted a better life for himself and at the age of 16 decided to pursue it by forging the appropriate documents to lie about his age and join the U.S. Navy. Though a commanding officer eventually discovered what Hector had done, he was a good enough sailor that he decided Delgado was too valuable an asset to just let go. However, the commanding officer did make Delgado agree to a deal with him that stated his secret would only be kept if he lived up to his full potential as a Navy SEAL.

Despite the arduous training SEALs are put through, Delgado still managed excel in his duties and became one of the most effective SEALs in history. Shipwreck profile At some point, while stationed at the naval station in Norfolk, Virginia, his fellow sailors saw fit to nickname him "Badass". Homefront, Part 1 During his time as a SEAL, Delgado became enamored not only with the ships he was sailing on but also the sea itself and the diverse ecosystems it contained.

With Delgado having thoroughly held up his end of the bargin, his original commanding officer approached him with an offer to join the elite, highly secretive G.I. Joe team. Accepting the offer, he was inducted into the unit with the unflattering codename of Shipwreck. Shipwreck profile

Shipwreck was part of a team along with Deep Six, and Torpedo investigating the underwater wreckage of the Badeaux Strait. In their investigation, the three divers came across a strange, large metal box that Hawk ordered them to extract. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #1

Inside The Pit's underground lake, Shipwreck jumped inside of G.I. Joe's new prototype submarine (which he'd chosen to call Remora) while Torpedo and Deep Six watched. Diving beneath the water, Shipwreck ran into a problem almost immediately as the sub's portside ballast tank failed, causing the Remora to flip upside down and crash into the ground. With the Remora's cockpit filling with water, Torpedo dived in after Shipwreck in hopes of releasing the starboard ballast to get the ship to right itself but he was unable to reach it. However, a mysterious individual soon dived into the lake and managed to release the ballast, causing the Remora to float back up to the surface. As Deep Six threw Ship and Torpedo a life preserver and reeled them in, Shipwreck discovered his savior was G.I. Joe's newest recruit Covergirl! The Betrayers Part 1

Shipwreck greeted Mainframe when he returned to the Joes after going rogue to investigate Cobra. The Betrayers Part 6

Stints As Skipper[edit | edit source]


While Scarlett's team was off investigating the Cobra owned island of Manuatu, Shipwreck invited Cover Girl to join him and several other nautically inclined Joes aboard the Terrapin, a ship captained by Deep Six. Bringing her along with his team as they took the improved (and enlarged) Remora out to investigate something mysterious and huge the Terrapin had picked up on radar. Discovering the Cobra submarine cruiser Dreadnaught, Shipwreck deployed the Remora's Seapup drone to investigate what turned out to be a nuke Cobra was dropping into a nearby fault line to cause a tsunami that would destroy Manuatu. Warning Deep Six to move the Terrapin to open sea and get Scarlett's people off Manuatu as soon as they could, Shipwreck maneuvered the Remora to attach onto the Dreadnaught so that he and his team could board it. Breaking in, Ship and his team quickly dispatched two guards who were beneath them. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #20 Making their way towards the bridge, Shipwreck's team managed to keep things quiet until they reached the generator room and a Cobra crewman managed to raise an alarm. As the Dreadnaught's captain ordered the generator room sealed off and flooded, Shipwreck was carried out by Torpedo and Cover Girl but Keel Haul and the unconscious Wet-Suit remained trapped inside. While Keel prepared to blow the hatch with C4, Shipwreck and the others pushed forward towards the bridge. Tossing an EMP grenade to disable the Dreadnaught, Shipwreck and his team opened fire on the unsuspecting crewmen and managed to push them back. However, they proved too late to stop the detonation of the nuke and, given that the sub hadn't gotten clear of the blast radius, caused the Dreadnaught's hull to rupture and begin flooding. As the Cobra crew began boarding the escape subs, Shipwreck and Torpedo began looking for a way to get the Dreadnaught's engines up and running again. Though it took quite a bit of work and luck, they were able to reactivate the Dreadnaught and surface it. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #21 After stepping out onto the Dreadnaught's deck and updating the Terrapin on their situation, Shipwreck and the others discovered that Vicuna and his men were returning to attempt to recapture the Dreadnaught. After fighting off Cobra Divers on the sub's starboard side, Shipwreck returned just in time to save Cover Girl from being killed by another Diver. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #22

Shipwreck was among the many Joes participating in the mission to Verde to monitor drug lord Pablito Ortega's mansion for probable Cobra activity. M.A.S.S. Destruction, Part 3


With the Dreadnaught commandeered from Cobra, the submarine cruiser became Joe property and was rechristened the Tuna with Shipwreck serving as its captain. After The Pit was destroyed by Cobra, Shipwreck met Hawk and Dial-Tone as they arrived make sure the Tuna was able to serve as a mobile command base for the Joes. G.I. Joe vol. 2 #4 Now that more Joes were on board, Shipwreck had the more technically proficient Dial-Tone and Mainframe take a look at the Tuna's strange "black boxes" that were puzzling his crew. As Mainframe completed his investigation and found that they were compiling information about the surrounding water but notably not sharing this information with the crew. Because of this, Shipwreck ordered them all stripped out. G.I. Joe vol. 2 #6 As Mainframe and Dial-Tone went about continuing trying to remove them, suddenly the Tuna went dead, Cobra hacker Error 404 having shut the ship down through the black boxes. With the ship heading towards crush depth and efforts to regain control having no effect, Shipwreck was suddenly at a loss until Mainframe arrived and informed him he knew one last way to save the crew. As it turned out, the Tuna's tower was capable of separating from the main part of the ship. Through this, Shipwreck was able to save some of his crew but a huge number of Joes were still killed in the incident. G.I. Joe vol. 2 #7 Once the Tuna's tower was docked in Norfolk, Shipwreck took full responsibility for what had happened to General Hawk but was told to hold his apologies. G.I. Joe vol. 2 #8

As Cobra began their invasion of Nanzhao, Shipwreck led a crew to the Andaman Sea to keep an eye on ocean-going traffic towards the nation. Cobra Command, Part 1

With Joe headquarters moving yet again, Shipwreck was made skipper of their latest HQ: the USS Flagg. When Scarlett and Helix began fighting on the deck of the ship, Shipwreck broke them up by spraying them down with a hose. Deep Terror Epilogue He later attended Scarlett's briefing on the recent goings-on with the rogue Snake Eyes and the Arashikage clan. Target: Snake Eyes Part 1 After Storm Shadow blew a hole in the side of the USS Flagg and caused it to begin sinking, Shipwreck found Cover Girl and evacuated alongside her. While they made a run for it, they ran into Scarlett, who was running back further inside the sinking ship to find Snake Eyes. Target: Snake Eyes Part 6

Celebrity Soldier[edit | edit source]


When the formerly top secret G.I. Joe team went public, Shipwreck was among the six Joes selected for Duke's unit of "Celebrity Soldiers". Unfortunately, part of his membership in this public unit included a change in uniform that made him look like "a cartoon duck". He made no secret of his displeasure at this and the fact that his codename was still Shipwreck with Duke but his commander shut him down. He was, however, allowed to keep the team's new drone.

As the Joes arrived in the Cobra controlled town of Warrenton, Ohio, their Skystriker was shot down and Shipwreck was critically wounded in the crash. Lying on the ground, too injured to move, Roadblock checked up on Shipwreck after he, Quick Kick, and Tunnel Rat managed to neutralize the W.O.R.M.S. that were keeping them from him. Though he was okay enough to get annoyed by Roadblock calling him by the names of other fictitious sailors and his bleeding was patched up, there was enough shrapnel buried inside his body that he wouldn't be able to make it without the help of the missing Doc. Homefront, Part 1 When the team was forced to make a run for it from Warrenton's Cobra loyalists, Shipwreck was strapped to Roadblock's back. Falling unconscious during the chase, Shipwreck was stowed away in the junkyard the rest of his group chose to hide out inside. Homefront, Part 2

After getting reunited with Doc, Cover Girl, and Hashtag, the team learned that Doc had injured her arm and wouldn't be able to operate on Shipwreck. When she said she may be able to walk someone else through it, Quick Kick volunteered. As she walked Kick through surgery, they were suddenly ambushed by a group of Cobra Vipers who were unconcerned with whether Shipwreck lived or died after they took the two of them hostage. While the Vipers had their backs turned to him, however, Shipwreck had woken up and grabbed Roadblock's machine gun, which he used to mow the Cobra troops down to his teammates' amazement. Homefront, Part 4 After leaving the junkyard, Shipwreck and the others found themselves in Warrenton just in time for the bombs Cobra planted throughout the town to go off, leaving the three of them trapped by the resulting fires. They were, however, trapped in there with a Maggot that Shipwreck used to destroy several nearby buildings so he and the others could escape. Homefront, Part 5


After being granted a day's leave, Shipwreck made a point of taking advantage of the fact that the team was now stationed in New York and absorbed as much culture as he could. Traveling back to Governor's Island on the same ferry as Cover Girl, Ship made conversation with her and warned her that he didn't think pursuing a relationship with Duke would be any good for her. Threat Matrix, Prologue: Cover Girl

Shipwreck made the first move against Quick Kick as he and the rest of the Joes sparred against him as a training exercise. After Duke called the exercise off, Shipwreck cracked a joke at the expense of the malfunctioning quantum stealth tech that Quick Kick was wearing before being called back into base with the others by Hashtag to take a look at the skyrocketing Threat Matrix readings. When Duke returned after a mysterious phone call with a set of coordinates that he claimed were higher priority than any of the Threat Matrix's hot spots, Shipwreck didn't have to look them up to know they were pointing the team towards the Statue of Liberty! Threat Matrix, Part 1 Taking helm of the Killer W.H.A.L.E., Shipwreck ignored Duke's order to bring the boat in closer to the B.A.T.-piloted Sea Rays and instead put some distance between them and took a shot at one with a rocket launcher. Having deduced that they were filled with explosives and that Cobra was targeting them and not the Statue, Shipwreck let the resulting gigantic explosion illustrate his point to Duke, who was nevertheless still annoyed with him.

Despite this, Duke still brought Shipwreck along with him and Quick Kick to break up a weapons deal between Cobra and The Heathens. Staying back while Duke and Quick Kick roped into the deal itself, Shipwreck chased down Zandar and Zarana in a R.H.I.N.O. as they tried to escape on motorcycle. Threat Matrix, Part 2 Much to his frustration, the Dreadnok twins activated cloaking technology similar to kind Quick Kick had been wearing. It didn't take long for him to remember that the tech isn't fond of impact and he began firing rockets at the twins' approximate location, leaving them visible long enough for Duke to take out their motorcycle for good. After placing the twins under arrest with Quick Kick, Shipwreck got a sudden call from Cover Girl looking for Duke, who had suddenly disappeared after receiving another mysterious phone call. Threat Matrix, Part 3 He later got another call from Doc, who had found an unresponsive woman with a suicide vest strapped to her on the Roosevelt Island tramway. Jumping in the Killer W.H.A.L.E. with Quick Kick, Shipwreck headed for Doc's location as fast as he could and arrived just in time to fish her and the woman out of the East River when they jumped out of the tram. Threat Matrix, Part 4

After taking part in a demoralizing mission to South America where Cobra planted intelligence to trick the Joes into attacking a convoy carrying medicine, Shipwreck participated in a mission headed by Cover Girl to a castle occupied by Cobra off the coast of northern Africa. Delivering the team to the castle in a Shark 9000, Shipwreck stayed with the boat while the others went to investigate. Siren's Song When the team returned a short while later with several Cobra child soldiers who wanted out in tow, Shipwreck helped them inside before making a hasty escape. Siren's Song: Conclusion

International Hero[edit | edit source]


When G.I. Joe was recommissioned to deal with the Cybertronian threat, Shipwreck was among the Joes brought back on to the team. On a mission to investigate why the EDC base on Bikini Atoll had gone silent, Shipwreck and his pet parrot manned the submarine that Scarlett's team deployed from. D.T.A. TFWikiFavicon.png

As G.I. Joe further changed to become an international peacekeeping force, the chubbier, more environmentally conscious Shipwreck was made captain of the team's new underwater base Lemuria. In addition to his duties as captain, he also oversaw the Lemuria's kitchen and instituted an environmentally friendly, vegan menu. While Cover Girl griped to him about that day's meal of plankton patties with a side of wakame, Shipwreck began going on about how saving the world is about more than just shooting bad guys but agreed to shut up if Cover Girl did as well. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

As another of the giant monsters G.I. Joe encountered in Hohhot emerged from the bottom of the Indian Ocean, Shipwreck was among the Joes who accompanied Skywarp to see what they could learn about the beast and admonished the Cybertronian for wanting to kill a member of a previously undiscovered species. G.I. Joe vol. 5 #5 TFWikiFavicon.png He had further admonishments for Scarlett after he learned she was planning to send a team of Joes underground to locate where the monsters were coming from and destroy it, feeling that the team should be "Jane Goodalling" them instead. Later, as Scarlett searched the Lemuria for Snake Eyes and Helix, Shipwreck checked his logs and found that they had stolen a S.H.A.R.C. after somehow cracking his impossible to guess password of "Polly". G.I. Joe vol. 5 #6 TFWikiFavicon.png

With Scarlett and Roadblock off-planet hunting down Baron Ironblood on Cybertron, Shipwreck was left in charge of G.I. Joe forces on Earth. Within two days of him taking command, the resurgent Cobra began robbing a museum in St. Petersburg, something Shipwreck couldn't allow to happen! Hastily assembling his team by choosing whoever happened to be around him at the time, Shipwreck drove the Silver Mirage with Gung-Ho in the sidecar as he and the other members of his team in the Crossfire chased down V.E.N.O.M. agents Ice Queen and Stiletto through the Russian streets. However, Shipwreck failed to account for the flight capabilities of Ice Queen's Manta or the submersibility of Stiletto's Piranha, leading to both of the Cobra collaborators getting away with the artifacts they'd stolen.

After that embarrassing display, Shipwreck posted Joes at museums all over the world and got to work refining his fast response team and eventually settled on a lineup he thought would be effective. To bolster their effectiveness, Shipwreck asked Grand Slam to build Gung-Ho a special pair of cybernetic gauntlets that would allow him to hit even harder than he already did. After Quick Kick called in with a report that V.E.N.O.M. had appeared in New York, Shipwreck was quick to call his team to action. Making a dramatic entrance, Shipwreck was overjoyed to see that his team was actually managing to effectively push back against their enemies. But before Shipwreck could bask too long in the glory of competent leadership, V.E.N.O.M. revealed they had one more trick up their sleeves: their vehicles were now able to combine into the massive King Cobra! G.I. Joe: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png

The giant snake mech was a serious problem for the scattered, unfocused Joes, until Shipwreck put together a plan of attack: Spitfire to distract it, Skywarp to grab it from behind, precision fire from Salvo to break open a hole in its belly, and Gung-Ho climbing inside to use his gauntlets to tear it apart from the inside. Shipwreck and the others celebrated until Doc reminded Shipwreck of the reason for the battle — the artifact in the museum that Cobra were after — but Shipwreck was confident that Quick Kick could take care of it, given that he'd taken to bragging about being "unbeatable". Unfortunately, Quick Kick was knocked out by another foe, and Cobra escaped with the dagger they were after. Returning to Lemuria, Shipwreck was morose about the failure of their primary objective — but got downright angry on learning that Dial Tone had put real, environmentally-unfriendly meat on the mess hall menu while he was away. He was placated by Gung-Ho, who provided him with one of his preferred pea-protein patties. M.A.S.K.: First Strike TFWikiFavicon.png

Shipwreck eventually figured out that the Lemuria was sitting atop hydrothermal vents that they could use to create a source of clean, renewable energy for the ship. After presenting his findings to Scarlett with Gung-Ho, he asked his first-mate if he thought he'd gotten fat when Scarlett made a joke about both of them being too big to fit into the same hot tub. Though Gung-Ho tried to reassure him, Scarlett's Strike Force #2 TFWikiFavicon.png the suddenly self-conscious Shipwreck began working out alongside Gung-Ho in an effort to slim down. During an exhausting session on the treadmill, Scarlett contacted Shipwreck to inform him the thermal power grid had gone down and ordered him to get it back online immediately. Scarlett's Strike Force #3 TFWikiFavicon.png

Clueniverse[edit | edit source]

Carlos Guzman kept a photo of Shipwreck pinned up in his office. Clue #1

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Shipwreck is a fun character if you're a wiki editor because, of the three different "eras" of IDW Joe comics he's appeared in, he's been portrayed differently in each one. He starts off as... well, a bit of a blank slate under Chuck Dixon's pen in the first and second volumes of G.I. Joe before becoming a cocky and irritable character in Fred Van Lente's third volume. This would be at odds with Aubrey Sitterson's depiction of him in the post-Revolution fifth volume of G.I. Joe where Shipwreck is instead a comparatively laid back character who cares deeply about the environment.
  • Shipwreck's "Badass" nickname is a reference to Billy "Badass" Buddusky, the character played by Jack Nicholson in The Last Detail. Buddusky as portrayed by Nicholson served as the inspiration for both the design of Shipwreck's original toy and for Neil Ross' performance as Shipwreck in the 80s G.I. Joe animated series.
  • While nothing has been stated explicitly, it is implied several times throughout Aubrey Sitterson's run on G.I. Joe that Shipwreck is in a relationship with his teammate Gung-Ho.

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