The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Six

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G.I. Joe vol. 4 #6
GIJoev4-6 regcvr.jpg
"The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Six"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published February 28, 2015
Written by Karen Traviss
Line-art by Steve Kurth
Colors by Kito Young
Letters by Tom B. Long
Special Thanks Max Brooks
Editor John Barber

Tomax's machinations continue!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At a press conference in Dagil, Tomax Paoli announces the new treaty between Schleteva and Galibi, and invites Grigor Rashidov to meet with them to finalize the offer of devolution and a gas pipeline stake for the Schletevan separatists. Watching the broadcast, the rebel leader is unwilling to accept only semi-autonomy, and arranges for a message to that effect to be sent to Paoli. He also dispatches his troops to investigate the recent disappearance of many of their couriers and suppliers.

In New York, Scarlett meets with Joe Colton to present him with what G.I. Joe has learned in Schleteva, including Duke and Big Ben's presence, and Isaac Craft's identity. With the party who hired the ex-Joes to hunt Isaac still unknown, Scarlett seeks permission to travel to London and interrogate Siren, Craft's mother, which Colton reluctantly agrees to. Planting a camera outside the Cobra consulate, Scarlett is able to pick up Siren's trail and identify the building where the Cobra PR agent is living.

Tomax's black ops team report their failure to secure Viktor, but do have some good news for their superior: they have located Rashidov's wife. Viktor, meanwhile, is recuperating with his saviors, Big Ben and Roadblock, and confirms that his assailants were focused solely on finding Rashidov. Viktor has doubts about the 'rival gas company' story Big Ben and Duke spun him, but is strong-armed into revealing his contact, Dosken, has gone missing. As such, he claims to be unable to contact Rashidov, but the Joes bug him all the same before leaving. Meeting up with the others, they begin to put the pieces together, speculating that Isaac may not be with the rebels at Cobra's behest.

At Operational Support in New York, Joshua Spinetti hosts a meeting to work through what they know about the current situation, and attempt to figure out what course of action will best hinder Cobra's Caucasus operations. Realizing that understanding Cobra's motives in the region hinges on discovering Isaac Craft's role in everything, they too hit upon the idea that the boy may have deserted Cobra, and Spinetti heads back to Galibi to try and meet with him.

Elsewhere, Rashidov and the rebels debate their course of action, with many of the region's people excited at the prospect of money from the gas pipeline. Having agreed to a preliminary meeting with the authorities, in the presence of the media, the rebel leader steps outside to talk with Isaac, inviting him to come meet his wife before picking the boy's brains as to Cobra's possible intentions. Craft guesses that Tomax wants just enough unrest to justify continued Cobra peacekeepers without disrupting the gas pipeline, and Rashidov begins to wonder whether, for the people, it would be better to take the deal and stand down at long last. Isaac, meanwhile, expresses his doubts about "Mr. Whelan", questioning whether the seemingly benevolent American could be working against them.

Later, Tomax's black ops team watches from a distance as a truck approaches Rashidov's wife, out of which the rebel leader and Craft step out. Paoli orders all three taken out, and the wife is shot first, killing her instantly. Isaac returns fire, whilst Rashidov himself takes a bullet to his side, before being pulled into long grass by the boy. Craft waits for his moment, and then leaps out to mow down the troopers, before swearing revenge against Cobra for this act!

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