The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Two

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G.I. Joe vol. 4 #2
GIJoev4-2 regcvr.jpg
"The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Two"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published October 22, 2014
Written by Karen Traviss
Line-art by Steve Kurth
Colors by Kito Young
Letters by Tom B. Long
Special Thanks Max Brooks
Editor John Barber

Duke is back!

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

Day six of Operation Axiom, and the G.I. Joe team is staking out a suspected rebel hideout. Bursting in, they find it has been abandoned for at least a week, leaving the Joes to lament that the sketchy nature of their mission means they can't simply run drones to track down Rashidov, who as they speak is convening with Isaac Craft... Later, the rebel leader speaks about the boy with one of his inner circle, pointing out that he serves as a useful hostage in addition to a determined fighter. Jon, meanwhile, is growing tired of waiting to fight, and longs to see his girlfriend and parents again. Isaac snaps a warning at him to avoid phone calls, easily traced, but Jon walks out into the night.

At the London Cobra consulate, Siren and Tomax Paoli discuss Isaac's desertion, and his mother correctly guesses that he has joined the separatists. Looking to avoid someone related to his inner circle being splashed across the headlines as a terrorist, Paoli makes arrangements for independent operators to hunt down and return the boy. Those operators subsequently arrive in Dagil, Schleteva, and are none other than former G.I. Joes Duke and Big Ben! Provided by their contact with no information beyond their target's name and a possible location of the rebels, Myuretz, the two set out to perform initial reconnaissance. The next day, they scope out a local bar to find a fixer for the equipment they need, and Duke is perplexed when his phone receives a welcome message from an Arabic cell network—the CIA has set up a false Galibi cell tower in the hopes of intercepting rebel communications. Elsewhere, Isaac catches Jon making a phone call, and threatens dire consequences should it happen again.

A day later, Joshua Spinetti arrives at Operational Support's field office in Astakh, Galibi, and meets with a man who provides a contact for Rashidov in return for visas out the country. Meanwhile, the NSA hear Jon's phone call, and pass the traced location on to G.I. Joe. Spinetti also hears the news via a CIA contact, and sends word of the imminent Joe attack to the rebels, looking to preserve his own long game. As the news reaches the camp, Isaac strides up to Jon and executes his friend with a shot to the head, shocking the other rebels. Forty minutes later, G.I. Joe arrives to find nothing but a burning hole in the ground, and can only conclude that they have a leak...

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