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"How dare they oppress us? All we tried to do was overwrite their planet with our own!"

Once a mere follower of Darkstorm and the token female of the group, time and fate have schemed to make the ambitious and passionate Virulina the new leader of the Darkling Lords. Despite her outward appearance and impatience, Virulina takes her job as a protector of Prysmos with utmost severity, doing every and anything she can to defend her realm. And if a few traitors and abominations stand in the way of a resurgent Prysmos? Well...accidents, specifically those of the magical variety, are known to happen.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Growing up in the second Age of Magic, Virulina coveted her magical prowess and held contempt for technology failing her ancestors during the Trinary Re-Alignment. Eventually her talents caught Merklynn's eye and she was recruited into the Visionaries. She would go on to revere Merklynn. Desperate Measures TFWikiFavicon.png

When Darkstorm's ambition caused the group to splinter, Virulina stood by him and joined the Darkling Lords. When the ternary stars drifted out of alignment however, Prysmos was ripped to shreds by the gravitational forces with Darkstorm being unable to evacuate in time. As a result, Virulina came to command the Darkling Lords.

In 2018, she and the remainder of the Lords came to inhabit New Prysmos on Cybertron. Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png Virulina was almost personally offended that while technology had failed her people, the living technology race that was the Cybertronians had managed to colonize the galaxy and establish an empire. Desperate Measures TFWikiFavicon.png

As a result, Virulina balked at the notion of living under the machines and advocated a complete Cybertronian genocide to secure the planet. As leader of the Lords, Merklynn appointed her as one of the Prysmosian diplomats alongside Leoric. Unlike her opposite number however, she maintained an almost religious respect fo Merklynn in spite of his attempted invasion. In the initial meeting with the Cybertronians, she found Ironhide's terms of co-habitation unacceptable and stormed out. Soon after, she met with Cindarr who revealed his research on the Cybertronians had led him to the discovery that they were vulnerable to magic. Virulina quickly saw this as a way to wage war on their hosts before the elderly Darkling Lord revealed that the Talisman itself was continuing to burrow down to the core of Cybertron, seemingly intent on completing the terraforming process. Though overjoyed at the news, Virulina concealed it from Leoric knowing he would begin searching for a way to stop the Talisman.

At the next meeting, Ironhide and Kup brought up the Talisman burrowing its way to Vector Sigma and Virulina impishly revealed she already knew of this. Ironhide then attempted to crush her only for Virulina to respond with a magical attack. Kup took the bullet at the last second causing his body to wither and crumble under the magical influence, with Virulina stating to Ironhide that Cybertron was now Prysmosian property. Schismatic TFWikiFavicon.png

No one calls you honey,
when you're sitting on a throne.

Virulina had Cindarr bring Kup's withered head to Merklynn who had already killed the two Cybertronians guarding him and gave her his blessing to proceed. Virulina had Kup's head presented to all Prysmosians before she declared open war on the Cybertronian race and sent her followers to destroy the Cybertronian pylons trapping the Prysmosians within the city. The Spectral Knights were quick to act against the Lords however only to be forced back by the citizens. Watching the destruction of the forcefield from a balcony, Virulina commented how nice it was to be praised before she was approached by Leoric. The two leaders came to blows in their animal forms, Virulina being the only Darkling Lord to actually defeat her opponent, before Merklynn ended the fight by downing Leoric.

After the Spectral Knights had been driven from the city, Merklynn crowned Virulina as the chancellor of New Prysmos where she promised a Cybertronian genocide in her inaugural speech. Cybertron No More TFWikiFavicon.png

Her first act was to recruit the remainder of the Spectral Knights, proclaiming that they all needed to stand together for the sake of New Prysmsos and their people. Mortdred felt this act numbered his days and fled. After Cryotek had donned Darkling armor, Virulina tortured Waspinator, deciding to use her magic to turn the Decepticon into her own personal chariot. Riding atop him, she captured Witterquick and Mortdred before arriving to capture Arzon. Desperate Measures TFWikiFavicon.png

Knowing Leoric was working to destroy the Talisman, Virulina ordered the life drained from Witterquick and Mortdred so the device could be sped up. When Cryotek began having reservations, Virulina beat him into submission as she explained her plan and her need for absolute loyalty. While agreeing on the surface, Virulina's speech only served to reawaken Cryotek's principles and he contacted Leoric. Merklynn meanwhile explained to Arzon that Virulina was, at best, a temporary stand-in, only cut out for leadership due to the chaotic transitional period the Prysmosians found themselves in. Good Men TFWikiFavicon.png

Leoric eventually found his way back into the city and rallied his followers to him. As Virulina panicked, Merklynn assured her all was in hand before the Spectral Knight arrived, revealing he'd freed Witterquick and Mortdred. In rage, Virulina summoned Waspinator and used his artillery to force back her foe. When he assumed his lion form however, Virulina lunged at him and cast a spell of rapid aging only to find it affected her as well, exactly as Merklynn had planned. As the ancient mage gloated, Galadria's healing spell surged through the planet, restoring Virulina's youth. Stripped of her armor, she awoke a week later in the medical bay, keeping to herself. The Curtain TFWikiFavicon.png

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