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Pauline Bestley is the current Director of the Action Man Programme. After a long career working with several holders of the Action Man mantle, Bestley is an analytical, no-nonsense woman. However, this puts her at odds with new Action Man Ian Noble, and she often finds herself having to rein in the impetuous young agent. Nevertheless, Bestley possesses the cool-head required to do her job to protect England and the world.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Born in London, England, Pauline Bestley is the daughter of a Zimbabwean immigrant and British diplomat. As a child in Cathollic School, she learned to read and analyze other people, a skill that would prove invaluable in her career. After graduating from Magdalen College, Oxford, she was recruited into the Secret Intelligence Service, where she worked with the such heroes as Action Man, Adventure Team, and Operational Support. After helping take down the "Council of Doom," Bestley was hired to the Action Man Programme by Patrick Cain.

Following the Cybertronian invasion of 2008, Cain resigned and Bestley took over as A.M.P. Director, her no-nonsense attitude winning favor with then-Action Man Mike Brogan. Early in her tenure, she was responsible for the recruitment of Ian Noble and Terrence Salmons. Seeing the need to keep up with the American G.I. Joe team, Bestley took steps to modernize the A.M.P., moving them into a new facility in S.I.S. Headquarters and bringing the A.M.P. into the mainstream British intel. Pauline Bestley profile

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