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This article is about the insectoid soldier under Membros. For the Microspace species Enerchanged with Earth insects, see Kronus.
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This article is about a character or concept whose name has never been officially confirmed.
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"Kronos" is an insectoid creature from Microspace, serving as part of the Ministry of War under Membros during their invasion of Earth. It's apparently good at disabling big, mechanical things.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

When M.A.S.K. visited the town of Ferren Woods looking for Ore-13, the Kronos flew past the team shortly before they discovered that their vehicles were not functioning. It was also one of the Ministry of War soldiers that attacked Skywarp in Scotland in order to neutralise G.I. Joe. Wrath of Karza #1 Kronos was part of the crew of Membros's ship when it shot down the Heliopolis, and left the ship along with its teammates to capture the Micronauts; during the fight with Acroyear, it tackled the super-soldier before he was taken down by Membros. Wrath of Karza #2

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It's not clear whether the Kronos seen in Wrath of Karza is a unique individual, as with Membros, or a whole species, as with the Reptos.
  • Kronos's original Micronauts toyline packaging described it as "the clawed carrier of destruction from the forbidden world of Udanax". The differently-spelled Kronus hail from the differently-spelled Udunax system in IDW, so maybe the Kronos hail from Udanax here as well?

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