The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Three

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G.I. Joe vol. 4 #3
GIJoev4-3 regcvr.jpg
"The Fall of G.I. Joe Part Three"
Publisher IDW Publishing
First published November 26, 2014
Written by Karen Traviss
Line-art by Steve Kurth
Colors by Kito Young
Letters by Tom B. Long
Special Thanks Max Brooks
Editor John Barber

Spinetti has plans...

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

At the scorched rebel camp, G.I. Joe investigates Jon's body, taking a photo to run facial analysis on, and identifying his boots as Cobra-issue. In New York, Joe Colton meets a contact to try and pinpoint their leak, but learns only that the CIA was copied in on the intel. Scarlett, however, believes she can succeed where Colton failed, and calls the number Joshua Spinetti gave her in Washington from a burner phone, but only gets through to Operational Support HQ. With no answers forthcoming, she proceeds to send the Joes in Galibi a message, encrypted into an image, that they should pull out and start over. Flint refuses, insisting that they should stay and at least gather further intel. With supply airdrops no longer possible, the team begin to plan how they will stay self-sufficient.

Elsewhere, Rashidov and Stasik agree to split up the rebel forces between multiple villages to keep themselves hidden, and also plan for a meeting with the benefactor who warned them of the Joe attack and apparently wishes to supply them with arms. When the time comes, they keep Spinetti waiting at the meeting point for several hours, before black-bagging him for transit to a safe house. Stasik interrogates "Mr. Whelan", who claims that his motive for donating weaponry to the rebels is preventing the gas pipeline deal, for his own business interests. Stasik is suspicious, but since "Whelan" appears to check out, he agrees for delivery of enough guns for a thousand men.

At a café in Myuretz, Duke and Big Ben's conversation briefly turns to the former's late wife Aisha, who has fallen victim to an infection whilst in care. Duke changes the subject, unaware that they are being watched by Helix, who has come into the city incognito to gather supplies for the Joe team. Back at their safe house, the Joes debate whether to approach Duke, and resolve to keep tabs on him and Big Ben. Duke himself, meanwhile, thinking back on the friends and allies he has lost, and, seeing Tomax Paoli on television, remarks that he'd happily kill the Cobra spokesman for free.

Meanwhile, Rashidov approaches Isaac. After refusing to talk about Jon, the boy is given orders to meet with "Whelan" in Astakh to arrange the first weapons drop. Craft carries out his task, but asks after high explosives, leaving Spinetti concerned. Back at the rebel camp, Isaac sets about building a fertilizer bomb to prove his insurgency skills to Rashidov. The boy suggests that they detonate it at the governemt offices in Ushkirli, a civilian target which alarms Stasik, but to which Rashidov is cautiously open. Two days later, Isaac drives a truck up to the offices, leaves, and detonates the explosives, ripping open the building. Any casualities, in Craft's words, are simply collateral damage...

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