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Every caste system needs a ruler and for the Dire Wraiths, those rulers are the Wraith Sorcerers. The deadliest and most elite of the Wraiths, the Sorcerers are the brains behind the Wraith plans for galactic conquest wielding their powerful dark magic to reshape the world to their desires and crush their foes.

They are not invulnerable however as said magical spells need time to be properly crafted leaving them as vulnerable as any other Wraith while they channel their energy.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

As Rom explained to Darby Mason, the Sorcerer Caste of Wraiths broke the spirits of the people living on a planet before the soldiers went to work ravaging the surface of the world. Earthfall: Part Two

In the mid-19th century, the Sorcerer Vekktral was on Mato Grosso where he assaulted Stardrive before teleporting away as Space Knights arrived. While on a training mission a few years later, Livia despaired at the lack of Sorcerers present as she only had Wraith Soldiers to fight. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

A cabal of Wraith Sorcerers arrived on the planet Verdulun-5 to attempt to terraform it but the planet's uni-mind managed to assimilate them gaining their intelligence Battle Scars, Part 2 and desire for conquest. Battle Scars, Part 4 As a result the planet read as having Wraith DNA in its makeup. Battle Scars, Part 1 A single Wraith Sorcerer was sent to Verdulun-5 to try and assert control over it only to find it had been destroyed. It was hardly a wasted trip however, as he found intact pieces of Space Knight armor. Battle Scars, Part 4

In 2016, after explaining the Wraiths to Darby, Rom flew off to save Camilla Byers from Wraith Stalkers. When his Analyzer read several soldiers as human, he stood down only for the Wraith Sorcerer D'rge to reveal himself and taunt Rom before subjecting the Space Knight to magical torture. Earthfall: Part Two Through his magic, D'rge attempted to remove Rom's armor and was able to use telepathy to explain to Camila the history of the Dire Wraiths on Earth. Rom eventually freed himself from the Sorcerer's magics, prompting D'rge to flee while one of his subordinates held the Space Knight off. Earthfall: Part Three

A Wraith Sorceress who had assumed the identity of White House worker "Ms. Jiminez" seized command of the White House through her forces to try and acquire a case of Ore-13. She was successful in merging with the Ore, adopting the form of a Cybertronian sized Wraith Hawk. Despite her newfound power however, she was ultimately defeated by Thundercracker. Thundercracker & Buster Save the World TFWikiFavicon.png

A Wraith Sorcerer residing in a house near Aberdeen in Scotland created a portal to summon in more Dire Wraiths when members of the recommissioned G.I. Joe arrived to investigate a temporal disruption, but the portal was cut off when Scarlett shot the Wraith through the head, killing it. Wrath of Karza #1

Elsewhere, a Wraith Sorcerer who had assumed the identity of the human Kagan Knight started a cult that would allow him to feed off the psionic energy of humans. Reinforcements, Part 3 Reconvening with more Sorcerers beneath an oil platform, Knight fed his energy to the Presence. When Space Knights arrived, the Sorcerers saw fit to summon the "Absence" to fight them off. Reinforcements, Part 4 When Orphion fired Neutralizer energy down the platform, the Sorcerers were all killed by it. Reinforcements, Part 5

Kagan Knight later moved his operation to the middle of the desert in Utah before he was tracked down and slain by Orphion. Orphion then tracked the psychic energies that been released to a large crack in the ground while being observed by D'rge and the Absence. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4

When the Cybertronians were occupied with a crisis on Cybertron, D'rge and another Sorcerer seized on the opportunity to consolidate their power over Earth and created a virus that magically turned humans into Dire Wraiths. The virus proved unstable however and an attempt to use against the Micronauts led the alternate universe aliens to the Sorcerers. Though the Micronauts easily overpowered the Wraith Soldiers, the Sorcerers used their magic to disorient the miniature heroes. Micronauts: First Strike After refining the virus, D'rge and a fellow Sorcerer took the virus to a carnival where the latter released the virus from atop the ferris wheel before Rom managed to slay her. After destroying the virus, Rom was knocked out by D'rge before the Micronauts managed to send him running. In the Wraiths' hideout, Baron Karza killed a Wraith Sorcerer to get D'rge's attention before he offered a mutually beneficial alliance. ROM: First Strike

Known Sorcerers[edit | edit source]

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Sorcerers are referred to lower ranked Wraiths (even other Sorcerers) as "Your Holiness". The Absence however refers to them as "Acolytes".