Enter The Stingers: Part Four

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Jem and the Holograms #22
"Enter The Stingers: Part Four"
First published January 4, 2016
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Meredith McClaren
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by Sarah Gaydos


It’s the night of the 5x5 masquerade ball and The Holograms, Stingers, and Misfits are all getting ready; The Holograms and Stingers for their performances and The Misfits for their sabotaging of said performances. However as The Holograms are preparing to leave, there’s a knock at the door. Answering the door, Aja is surprised to find Rio, who’s there to take Jerrica to the masquerade!

Leaving Rio outside, Aja ducks back in and grabs Jem, taking her into her room. When Aja tells her sister what’s going on, Jem has simply has Synergy create a hologram of Jerrica to take her place. Telling her sister and Synergy to stop, Aja reminds Jem that she promised her she’d stop trying to juggle both of her identities and only be one or the other and that if she couldn’t handle that, she’d give up the Jem persona. Her forgetfulness scaring her sister, Jerrica promises that she’ll only be Jem for tonight and then give her a rest for a while, though neither of them are quite sure how that’s going to work with Fox around. As they leave, Aja tells Rio that Jerrica got sick and can’t make it and makes excuses as to why she doesn’t want him seeing her when he expresses concern.

In Milan, Shana and Regine have taken over a small building in a park and converted it into a venue for their very own fashion show. As they hit the lights, the two women tell their crew and their models to get a move on in fear that they might get shit down by the police. As their models finish walking the runway, Shana and Regine come out to greet the packed, cheering crowd. Once the show has ended, Shana is approached by Francesca Zangari of Airō Zangari who doesn’t recognize her as one of their interns. Surprised to learn that she’s already working for her, Francesca gives Shana her number and asks her to call so they can talk about what’s next for her, an offer she also extends to Regine.

At the masquerade, Riot breaks off from his bandmates to go looking for Jem, much to their annoyance. After she’s found, Jem tries to break things off with him but Riot and The Stingers are called to the stage for their performance before she can finish. Pizzazz curses them as they take the stage, confusing Roxy and Jetta as to whether they’re trying to get revenge on them or The Holograms. Blaze also isn’t sure what Pizzazz’s plan actually is but she just tells her to be where she’s supposed to be when she’s supposed to be there.

As The Stingers begin playing their new song The Queen, Jem gets nervous as Riot dedicates the song to her. Backstage, Jem asks if her bandmates are ready to go on after The Stingers finish and gets a confirmation from everyone but Fox. Throwing her drumsticks aside, Fox comments that without any purpose or leadership, The Holograms going to fall apart with or without her help and that she’d rather watch it happen rather than speed it along herself. Finding it amusing that they couldn’t tell she was never really “with” them, Fox makes her exit and reveals herself as a spy for The Misfits, leaving The Holograms without a drummer sixty seconds before they go on!

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