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Jerrica Benton is the manager, co-songwriter, and former lead singer of Jem and the Holograms. Unbeknownst to those outside of the band, she's also the current lead singer as well! While Jerrica has a passion for music, she's rather shy by nature and has a severe case of stage fright, making her a rather awkward fit for the frontwoman of a hot, up and coming band like the Holograms. One day, however, Jerrica stumbled upon Synergy, a "holographic computer" created by her late father that has the power to create a wide array of dazzling, lifelike, hard-light holograms! With the power of Synergy, Jerrica was suddenly able to create a persona that would allow her to perform in front of an audience without fear, a persona that would come to be known as Jem!

Level-headed and mature, Jerrica is well suited to her responsibilities as both the band's manager and lead singer. However, the burden of always having to be "the grown-up" for her sisters and the considerable workload that comes with managing a band like the Holograms can weigh heavy on her and occasionally cause her to lose her patience. Thankfully, her responsible nature ensures that she's able to avoid any temptations to avoid the stresses of her life by living as her alter-ego... right?


Becoming Jem[edit]

Jerrica Benton was the first daughter of Emmet and Jacqui Benton. When she was a little girl, she and her sisters once helped their mother prepare a birthday lunch for her father and she went to go get him once everything was ready. When Emmet told her he'd be there in a minute and she relayed this information to Jacqui, Jerrica watched as her mother argued with her father over his project keeping him away from his family. When Emmet projected a Hologram to show Jacqui an example of the "virus" in the software he was trying to fight, the shocked Jerrica took off running before tripping on a water gun and falling into her family's pool, nearly drowning before her mother noticed and saved her. Dark Jem: Part Four

Years later, after they had grown into adulthood and both their parents had passed away, the four Benton sisters formed a band known as The Holograms with Jerrica on vocals. Though she had a good voice and had no problems in rehearsal, Jerrica soon found that she was unable to perform in front of an audience. Her stage fright reached a breaking point when The Holograms were filmming their submission for the Misfits VS! music video competition, something the band hoped to launch their careers off of, and Jerrica literally choked and went running out of the studio when the time came for her to start singing. Outside the studio, Jerrica's biological sister Kimber came out and talked to her, asking what she was having trouble with before regretfully issuing the ultimatum that she was going to quit if Jerrica didn't think she was up to the task of performing. Asking her sister for a moment alone before she rejoined them inside, when Jerrica returned it was in the middle of her sisters having an argument about her ability or inability to perform, causing her to suddenly take off back towards the Benton home. Taking refuge from the storm that had begun raging outside in their pool house/music studio, Jerrica began strumming a guitar and singing before the storm suddenly knocking out the electricity scared her into stopping.

Despite the outage, an odd glow began to fill the room and suddenly a tall, pink woman appeared before Jerrica and introduced herself as Synergy, a "holographic computer" created by her father that was suddenly rebooted by the storm. Explaining that her father left a gift for her that he was unable to give her before his death, Synergy gave Jerrica the code to Emmet's safe, allowing her to find a small box that contained two earrings that could serve as remote hologram projectors. Just then, Jerrica's sisters suddenly arrived at home looking for her, the three of them very confused by what they were looking at and growing no less confused as Jerrica tried to explain. As Synergy guided the four of them to the underground chamber that her systems were kept and showed off the versatility of her holograms, Jerrica began piecing together why her father left her the earrings and how she could use Synergy to fix her problems. Running to Synergy's computer, Jerrica punched in a few settings before donning the earrings and transforming for the first time from the meek, small Jerrica into the confident, statuesque Jem! Showtime: Part One

Now that she could become Jem, Jerrica had no problem performing and the newly rechristened Jem and the Holograms were able to create and submit their video for the Misfits VS! competition. With Synergy's holograms allowing them to create a rather impressive, elaborate video, the Holograms' submission began receiving thousands of hits and votes, something Kimber was extremely eager to show off to Jerrica the morning after their video went live. Gathering with her and Shana in the kitchen, the three sisters celebrated their success before Jerrica reminded them that they were due at the Starlight Community Center in an hour. As Kimber took off to get dressed and wake up Aja, Jerrica and Shana sat and discussed whether or not they really did the right thing by creating Jem, especially now that they were beginning to achieve success they could have only dreamed of before. Neither of them was quite sure and they both knew things were going to get more complicated from here, they also agreed that so long as the four of them stuck together they'd be able to handle anything.

As the Holograms arrived at the Starlight center, Jerrica was greeted with congratulations from Ms. Bailey about the band's video. As they talked, Ms. Bailey brought up that the celebrity MC they'd hired to host the upcoming Starlight benefit concert suddenly cancelled on them at the last minute and asked if the Holograms would consider playing the show. Agreeing to do the concert, Ashley called out to Jerrica, trying to hurry her so she'd come tutor her on playing guitar. Though they got right to it, Jerrica's tutoring was quickly interrupted by the sudden arrival of a man who was looking for her. Asking Ashley to excuse them and go join the other Starlights, Jerrica talked to the man, who introduced himself as a writer for The Score named Rio Pacheco. Having found out about the Holograms through his covering the Misfits VS! competition while embedded with The Misfits themselves, Rio found himself rather interested in the band and Jerrica herself in particular. Though she believed he was just interested in getting a story, Jerrica was surprised to learn his current assignment meant he couldn't even write about them if he wanted to and was even more surprised when he suddenly asked her out on a date later that night! Rather charmed by him, Jerrica agreed. Showtime: Part Two Meeting up with Rio outside of his apartment, Jerrica was taken to the nearby Pacific Park boardwalk. After starting their date with some cotton candy, Jerrica and Rio went on the Ferris Wheel where Jerrica gushed about her sisters to him. As the view from the top of the wheel took her breath away, Jerrica was flattered by Rio complimenting her songwriting skills. However, when he asked why she chose to stay in the background and let Jem become the band's frontwoman, she began to get cagey and concerned as he brought up that he liked to get to discover the truth behind what's shown on stage. However, the rest of their date went smoothly, Rio winning Jerrica a My Little Pony plush before taking her home, the two exchanging a goodnight kiss before Rio departed. Showtime: Part Three

As the day of the Starlight Benefit came around, Jerrica complained about Kimber's absence while she, Aja, and Shana loaded up their van with their equipment. Her frustration with Kimber only grew as she continued to be missing as they were setting up for the show but Rio's sudden arrival provided a distraction. Introducing him to Shana, the two of them took Rio up on his offer to go get them coffee. With him gone, Jerrica was able to change into Jem. However, her transformation caused some awkwardness when Rio brought Jerrica's drink to her and Jem's shared dressing room and Jem grabbed the drink meant for her alter-ego. With Rio quickly excusing himself, Jem worried about the rather poor first impression she just made. As the time for the Holograms' first live show came around, Jem gave an impassioned performance... a performance that was cut short as she noticed the light rigging was about to fall right on top of her! Showtime: Part Four Jem was saved from getting crushed by Aja pushing her out of the way just in the nick of time but Aja ended up getting trapped herself. While the other Holograms and Rio freed Aja, Jem rushed off backstage and turned back into Jerrica. Rushing back out as her injured sister was loaded onto an ambulance, Jerrica had Synergy project a hologram of Jem climbing into a cab to explain where she'd gone to Rio. Though he was shocked that Jem would abandon her bandmates like that, he was more concerned by all the mysterious cuts and bruises she had on her legs. Jerrica and her sisters spent the night at the hospital waiting for Aja to recover, all three of them falling asleep at the foot of her bed. With Aja's injuries proving minimal, the Holograms spent the next few weeks practicing for the next part Misfits VS! competition: the battle of the bands. In her off time, Jerrica kept spending time with Rio, their relationship slowly growing more serious.

When the day of the Misfits VS! battle of the bands and the associated festival came, Jerrica took charge in managing the band's time, trying to make sure everything went smoothly. When the makeup trailer turned out to be full of the other bands that were participating in the battle, Jerrica decided that they'd try coming back in an hour and go enjoy the fair in the meantime. With Kimber having gone off on her own, Jerrica hung out with Aja and Shana and was almost immediately fretting over getting back to the trailer in time to her sisters' annoyance. Thankfully for them, Rio soon appeared and he and Jerrica went off together. Taking another ferris wheel ride together, Rio asked about where Jem was and expressed concern about how she's seemingly leaving all the work to the others. Jerrica took offense at this, telling Rio that he shouldn't be making those kinds of judgements about Jem's character when he doesn't even know her. Leaving Rio behind after getting off the ride, Jerrica met back up with her sisters at the fair, the three of them showing concern for her when they noticed something seemed wrong. Soon after this, Kimber noticed that The Misfits were nearby. Taking the lead, Jerrica introduced herself to their frontwoman Pizzazz but was mostly ignored by her, the green haired woman only asking her where Jem was. This rather awkward introduction only got worse when The Misfits' assistant Clash suddenly arrived with coffee for the band and Kimber recognized her from running into her at the Starlight Benefit where she noticed that she had a pair of bolt cutters in her bag. Assuming this must have meant that the incident with the falling rigging must have been a Misfits engineered act of sabotage, Jerrica demanded to know if this was true. Before they could talk things out though, Kimber threw a pie in Pizzazz's face, instigating a food fight between the bands that Jerrica reluctantly participated in. Showtime: Part Five

In the aftermath of the food fight, the Holograms and Misfits were brought before a trio of executive from The Misfits' label 5x5 Records. With the fight having broken several rules of the competition, Jem and the Holograms were formally disqualified and asked to leave. Though an enraged Kimber spoke up first, Jerrica attempted to give a more reasoned and calm explanation of what happened in hopes of remaining part of the contest but it ended up being for naught. After the ruling, Jerrica spoke with Rio as she and the other Holograms prepared to leave. Rio again brought up how strange it was that Jem was nowhere to be found during all this and expressed concerns that her acting like a diva could ruin the band but Jerrica insisted that he just didn't understand.

Returning home, Jerrica joined her sisters on the couch as Aja confronted Kimber about whether or not her mysterious new girlfriend was actually Stormer of The Misfits. Rephrasing a poorly asked question from Aja, Jerrica asked Kimber why she'd keep this a secret when she's usually so open and had her and the other Holograms promise not to keep any more secrets like that. After the three of them tried to reassure Kimber that they didn't think Stormer had anything to do with the Starlight incident, Jerrica brought up that she was starting to form a plan they could use to still make their first big, public splash and get back at The Misfits. After calling in a favor with Rio, Jerrica set up a Jem and the Holograms concert held in an abandoned building directly across from the venue The Misfits were playing a full set to after the battle of the bands at, stealing their audience away for a dazzling, hologram filled live performance! Showtime: Part Six

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  • In her profile, Jerrica is noted to be 23 years old. In an answer on her Tumblr, IDW Jem writer Kelly Thompson gave Jerrica's date of birth as June 1.
  • Said profile also notes that while she stands at 5'5" as Jerrica, her transformation somehow causes her to gain a few inches so that she's 5'11" as Jem! No telling how much of that is actually just the crazy heels Jem tends to wear though.

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