Holiday Special 2015

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Jem and the Holograms Holiday Special
"Holiday Special 2015"
First published December 16, 2015
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Amy Mebberson
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Edits by John Barber
Chronology Between Rio Pacheco: Boy Reporter and Dark Jem: Part One

The Holograms and The Misfits draw each others names in the Five by Five Records Secret Santa


As they walk it out to their car, the other three members of The Holograms suddenly drop their new Christmas tree thanks to Kimber's lagging behind, more focused on checking her phone than helping. Once they finally make it to the van, Jerrica tells her sisters that they'll have to hurry if they're going to make it to the Five by Five Records holiday party, as they'll need to change before they go. While Shana is confused as to whether they should be dressing more office or more party, she expresses relief that for once she won't be the only one of her sisters who didn't bring a date. While they talk, Aja is still at work tying the tree to the roof, ignoring a rather lumberjack-y man's offers of help and advice with her task. Once she's done, she leaps inside through the van's window, leaving him standing there as they take off. Wishing she could get as much attention from men as her sister does, Shana asks Aja how she does it, to which she replies that her disinterested attitude naturally draws them in. She then kisses her on the cheek, saying that its Shana's more caring personality that makes her who she is.

As they arrive at the Five By Five offices, The Holograms almost immediately make eye contact with The Misfits, but before things can get too awkward, Harcourt greets them and, after some introductions and small talk, asks that they hold out their hands for the Secret Santa drawing as her assistant Greta does the same for The Misfits. As the members of both bands unfold the tiny slips of paper, the eight women are all shocked to see that they've drawn the names of somebody from the other band! As they watch both groups from the sidelines, Greta expresses disbelief that such a thing could possibly happen, prompting Harcourt to inform her that she purposefully rigged things that way, hoping that it will get the two groups on friendlier terms in anticipation of their tour together. For now though, both bands decide to leave the party in a huff.

Back at their home, The Holograms vent about having to buy their enemies presents, Aja suggesting that they just buy four lumps of coal and be done with it. Kimber speaks up, saying Stormer deserves something better than that, Shana promises that she'll get her something nice, causing Kimber to instantly perk up and asks that her sister make a dress for her. Standing up, Jerrica suggests that they make the best of the situation. The way she sees it, stealing the audience from Misfits VS! was revenge enough for their alleged sabotage of the Starlight benefit and now is as a good a time as any to try and show that they can be bigger than that. While Aja is slow to be convinced, still angry about the benefit concert, she eventually agrees. With the four in agreement, Jerrica asks Kimber to use her connections with Stormer to see what the other three members of The Misfits might want. When Kimber's text arrives, The Misfits seem to have reached an agreement that they aren't getting their rivals anything, only for Roxy and Jetta to suddenly refuse to be shown up when their bandmate informs them that they're getting them presents! Now that the members of both bands (except, seemingly, Pizzazz) have decided to participate, the seven women all begin searching for and/or working on the perfect gift.

On Christmas Eve, Jerrica and Rio's silent night in is briefly interrupted by Aja's screaming for Shana, who she's set up a blind date for. However, the date doesn't end up going so well, as Shana ends her night somewhat drunkenly complaining about how dull the guy she was set up with ended up being to the bartender. After he lends an ear to her problems, she begins trying to flirt with him only to bury her face into the counter in embarrassment when he begins flirting back. Aja and Craig then arrive to bring her back home, Aja apologizing to her sister for setting her up on such a terrible date. As she's dragged away, Shana catches the bartender's name, Tony.

The next morning, each of The Misfits wakes up to find a package on their doorstep. Roxy and Jetta both receive figures of themselves that can connect together in a boxing game, both built by Aja and gifted to them by her and Kimber. As promised, Stormer receives a custom dress sewn by Shana, much to both her and Kimber's excitement! Pizzazz, meanwhile, receives a small package containing a custom engraved collar for her pet kitten Madmartigan, causing her to quietly curse Jem's thoughtfulness. Meanwhile, as The Holograms open their gifts to themselves, Kimber presents Synergy with a cap she'd gotten for her, feeling that it wouldn't be right not to get her anything, even if it wasn't something she could actually wear, prompting Synergy to create a holographic replica of it onto her head. With those out of the way, they now turn their attention to The Misfits' presents. As they open their gifts (a motorcycle helmet for Aja from Jetta, a My Little Pony onesie for Kimber from Roxy, and a fancy mannequin for Shana from Stormer), it seems Pizzazz elected not to get anything for Jem after all, when suddenly the four hear the doorbell ring...

Getting up to answer the door, Jerrica is surprised to find Pizzazz standing there and expresses concern over whether or not she should be talking given her injuries. Telling her that she'll be fine if she only does a little bit, Pizzazz then asks if Jem is around, since she had something to give her. Ducking back inside, Jerrica pretends to call for Jem as she transforms and opens the door again. With a comment on the ridiculousness of her outfit, Pizzazz throws down a bag at Jem's feet, telling her that its her gift to her. She explains that it's what she refers to as a "Go Bag", something she believes any touring musician like themselves should have, and that it contains a variety of emergency supplies both music and non-music related, as well as five hundred dollars hidden in a secret side compartment. Expressing surprise that she'd do something so nice, Jem thanks her for the gift. Pizzazz merely says that it was the least she could do given how thoughtful the collar was before turning away, adding that she also just doesn't like to owe anyone and that she considers them even now. As her sister's join Jem out on the porch, Shana wonders if there's hope for Pizzazz yet, though Aja quickly shoots that notion down. Kimber, meanwhile, tries to call dibs on the bag but quickly calls it off once Jem tells her that her having dibs means she'll have to be responsible for it.

Featured characters[edit]

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"Aw, okay. I got Stormer. I'll get her something good."
"Ohmigod. You should make her an amazing dress!!!"
"Okay, sure. You know her measurements?"
"I know everything."

Shana maybe gets Kimber a bit too excited.


Continuity notes[edit]

  • Though this issue was published earlier, the events of this special are pretty clearly meant to take place after issue #10, given that Pizzazz is both still suffering from the injuries she received from her car crash at the end of issue #9 but is also out of the hospital she was still in at the conclusion of #10.

Jem references[edit]

  • While he has a different occupation (bartender as opposed to music video director), Tony seems to be the IDW incarnation of Anthony Julian, Shana's love interest from the original cartoon!

Hasbro franchise references[edit]

  • In another one of the book's many My Little Pony references, the onesie Kimber receives as a gift is based off of the character Rainbow Dash.
  • Though the custom "JetRox Joust" game Aja made for Jetta and Roxy certainly brings to mind another rocking, socking boxing game, the fact that that game is a Mattel property can only mean those are Hasbro brand Battle Masters!

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