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With the birth of IDW Publishing's new shared Hasbro Universe, what was once home to just the Transformers is now a universe filled with Space Knights, special mission forces, and all manner of other characters.

This wiki aims to complement's coverage of the Transformers-related parts of the shared universe by documenting everything else, be it characters, things or comic issues.

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Once, he was called Phillip M. Provost; but in recent years, you're more likely to have met him as Jason Wright, or Derrick Attell, or Marcus Quinn, or one of a hundred other names. His true identity, though, is Chuckles: undercover G.I. Joe agent, reporting to Hawk on the criminal organisations of the world; a task that he's naturally suited to with his gregarious charm and ruthless willing to do whatever's needed to complete his mission.

As an undercover agent, Chuckles is not officially on file as a member of G.I. Joe; instead, he contacts the Joes through his handler Jinx, with whom he's begun a romantic relationship with.

Recently, he's discovered the existence of a global terrorist conspiracy called Cobra, and is infiltrating it as a prospective agent. What could go wrong?


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