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With the birth of IDW Publishing's new shared Hasbro Universe, what was once home to just the Transformers is now a universe filled with Space Knights, special mission forces, and all manner of other characters.

This wiki aims to complement's coverage of the Transformers-related parts of the shared universe by documenting everything else, be it characters, things or comic issues.

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Phyllis Gabor, better known by her stage name Pizzazz, is the frontwoman, occasional guitarist, and all around public face of The Misfits. Unfortunately for the rest of her band, however, her face is one that can often be found screaming in the faces of others. Loud, abrasive, and short tempered, Pizzazz is an extremely driven musician who strives for perfection in her music and doesn't take kindly to anyone or anything she perceives as a threat to The Misfits' success. Though she can be incredibly rude and hurtful towards her bandmates, deep down she does harbor a deep affection for them, seeing them as a second family of sorts to replace her distant father.


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