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With the birth of IDW Publishing's new shared Hasbro Universe, what was once home to just the Transformers is now a universe filled with Space Knights, special mission forces, and all manner of other characters.

This wiki aims to complement's coverage of the Transformers-related parts of the shared universe by documenting everything else, be it characters, things or comic issues.

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Axiom is the ultimate weapon of the Dire Wraiths. Based on a suit of powered armor created by DeepWave Technologies, the company's Australian co-founder Aaron Grundy has been bonded with the suit in a perverse combination of Wraith magic, human ingeniuity, micromeld technology, and the mineral Ore-13. Powerful, capricious, sadistic and completely loyal to his Wraith masters, Axiom is able to evade detection from the Space Knights' Analyzers while exploiting Rom's desire to save humans who have been infected by the Wraiths.


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