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With the birth of IDW Publishing's new shared Hasbro Universe, what was once home to just the Transformers is now a universe filled with Space Knights, special mission forces, and all manner of other characters.

This wiki aims to complement's coverage of the Transformers-related parts of the shared universe by documenting everything else, be it characters, things or comic issues.

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When Emil Zartan, Cobra's living weapon, was killed by a teleporter accident, his story did not end. On the orders of Cobra Commander, the organization's scientists were able to create a clone of the assassin: a new Zartan, capable of changing his face and skin-tone to match any man on the planet.

Able to infiltrate any facility with ease and steal or kill completely undetected, Zartan — who sees himself as his predecessor, reborn and perfected — is one of Cobra's greatest assets. His unique abilities and belief in his own perfection, however, have given him an egotistical streak and a petulant, narcissistic sense of entitlement. Because of this, his behavior tries his commanders' patience to the point that he may have outlived his usefulness...


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