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With the birth of IDW Publishing's new shared Hasbro Universe, what was once home to just the Transformers is now a universe filled with Space Knights, special mission forces, and all manner of other characters.

This wiki aims to complement's coverage of the Transformers-related parts of the shared universe by documenting everything else, be it characters, things or comic issues.

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General Joseph B. "Joe" Colton is known better by his codename: G.I. Joe. A highly decorated officer in the United States Army with a strong grip, Colton has had his fair share of fantastic adventures during his time as leader of the Adventure Team. Colton became so famous that the Adventure Team's replacement, the Joint Services Special Counterterrorist Group, was given another name: G.I. Joe, after Colton's old nickname. Since their existence was revealed to the public by Cobra, Colton has led G.I. Joe in their continuing fight for freedom.

However, after an encounter with the Dire Wraiths, Colton realized that G.I. Joe was not enough. Needing to remain in hiding, he adopted the persona of Baron Ironblood, a sinister, masked villain. Creating the "Iron Ring", Colton has allied himself with some of the most world's most dangerous villains in pursuit of the artifact codenamed the Talisman to achieve his ultimate goal: saving the Earth by destroying all Transformers.


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* Yeah, Lost Light #13 is scheduled to come out before Lost Light #12. We don't know either.