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The name or term "G.I. Joe" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see G.I. Joe (disambiguation).
Real American Heroes! (...and Hashtag.)

Officially named the Joint Services Special Counterterrorist Group, the team known as G.I. Joe — named in honor of the legendary Joe Colton — originated as an elite, secretive American special forces unit dedicated to fighting terrorism worldwide, particularly against Cobra, a sinister organisation with far-reaching influences. Recruited from the best of the best, the Joes' members were expected to give up their previous lives and be legally recorded as deceased, with their codenames as their only identities.

The team's organisation has changed multiple times; following the invasion of Nanzhao and Cobra's reveal of G.I. Joe's existence to the world, the team was reformed as a public team of "celebrity soldiers" under General Colton, operating in the public eye (with merchandise out the wazoo). After Cobra renounced violence and began presenting itself as a legitimate group of private military contractors, the team was deemed unnecessary and shut down, but was eventually recommissioned as part of the Earth Defense Command to deal with the threat of the Transformers.

In the aftermath of the "Revolution" event, G.I. Joe parted ways with the U.S. government, and began operating as an international peacekeeping force, taking up the role formerly held by the EDC.

I command an elite unit who are the finest at what they do. The one percent of the one percent. We are off the books, but our requisition is enormous.
We perform our missions so you and the people you're training with get to lie in your racks for another six months instead of going to war with some new terrorist-controlled state.

Hawk, Forked Tongue


Any choice lines now?

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