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Hailing from a dark nebula, the evil Dire Wraiths seek to conquer all they see. The only force able to oppose them is Rom and the Solstar Order. The Solstar Order prevailed, causing the Wraiths to scatter throughout the galaxy. The Dire Wraiths secretly invaded the Earth long ago.

The Dire Wraiths wield powerful dark magic and are able to take over the body of virtually any life form that they wish. They are also able to gain new abilities by using the blood of other life forms to power their magic.


At some point, the Cybertronian tyrant, Megatron became aware of the Dire Wraiths. So great was his disgust of them, he steered clear of the Dark Nebula of their birth. His follower Krok would share his disgust, reading up on the Wraiths and learning of their conquest of Temptoria. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again! TFWikiFavicon.png

Over 200 years ago, the Dire Wraiths began invading fringe planets of the Solstar Order. In the early 1800s they invaded the Order's capital planet Elonia with the intent of stealing an alien ore from beneath its surface. They sent organic meteorites to the planet and managed to convert a small amount of the local populace into Dire Wraiths. They headed to a mountain range to retrieve the ore only to be confronted by a trio of newly graduated members of the Solstar Order. The fight led them to the ore where it latched onto, and formed a set of armor around, the one called Rom who would become the Wraith's greatest foe. The other two absorbed the ore as well and managed to best the Wraiths. Cold Fire

The Solstar Order eventually drove the Wraiths into space, with Rom earning a name among his enemies: "Wraithslayer". Earthfall: Part Two

The Dire Wraiths also came to Earth, sometime during the 1800s, Earthfall: Part Three and spent the next two centuries infiltrating the world's governments and militaries, preparing for their eventual encounter with Rom. Earthfall: Prelude

While discussing Optimus Prime's recent annexation of Earth, Miles Mayhem surprised Scarlett with his awareness of Rom's recent exploits in Northern California, noting that Action Man could be of potential use there. Secret Raiders TFWikiFavicon.png

When confronted by Optimus Prime, Rom gave the Autobot a vague explanation of who the Dire Wraiths were. Baron Karza also monitored the Wraiths from his realm. The Divine Source of Liberty TFWikiFavicon.png Once the Autobots made it clear they would kill Rom if he didn't provide a clearer explanation, he elaborated on the subject and the Wraiths' interest in Ore-13. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png

The Wraiths soon seized control of the EDC facility on Bikini Atoll, The Modern World TFWikiFavicon.png with the intent to use the Decepticon Skywarp to create new weapons. G.I. Joe however managed to infiltrate and retake the facility, freeing Skywarp. D.T.A. TFWikiFavicon.png

At the same time, they infiltrated the White House to try to claim the Ore-13 that Joe Colton had been carrying. While they got it, Marissa Faireborn and Thundercracker managed to defeat them. Thundercracker & Buster Save the World TFWikiFavicon.png

Revolution 4 DireWraithReinforcements.jpg

Mayhem later contacted the Wraith leader, "Caleb Awan", to inform him of the large supply of Ore-13 beneath Autobot City. The Wraiths moved out to meet their M.A.S.K. allies in Monument Valley where many Wraiths performed a kamikaze attack on Victorion, overwhelming the combiner. When they entered the city, their path was bared by Rom who had allied himself with the Cybertronians and others to fight off the Wraiths. The Wraiths managed to use the Ore-13 beneath the city to enhance their power before they, rather unsurprisingly, betrayed Miles Mayhem. Refusing to be beaten by aliens, Mayhem summoned Baron Karza from Microspace much to the amusement of "Caleb" who questioned what the diminutive creature could do. The diminutive creature responded by enerchanging all the Wraiths into him, turning himself into an ungodly fusion of Cybertronian, Microspace, and Wraith power. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png Karza proved able to eject a few Wraiths from himself to harass Victorion before he was dumped back into the spacebridge. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png

One Wraith, who did not share his species's desire for conquest, managed to get an account on the Decepticon social networking site where it called itself "CONS4EVA". Seeking to fulfill a Temptorian religious ceremony known as "The Crossover" he sought out the Decepticon Crankcase and the human MP3 to open a portal to a higher plane of existence. The portal was too small to enter. CONS4EVA accepted a ride from the Decepticons to the nearest starhub before setting out on his own. Nothing Will Ever Be the Same Again! TFWikiFavicon.png

The Talisman had come into contact with Wraith DNA at some point. When the Talisman was accidentally activated in its storage facility, it turned the entire populace, human and pet alike, of Verenya, Schleteva into Wraiths. As these were not true Wraiths, Rom merely stunned them before handing them over to the Action Man Programme in hopes of finding a cure. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png

Two Dire Wraith foot soldiers began singing songs of praise towards the Cybertronians for killing their leaders before they were blown up. When Rom reunited with Camilia, he found the Wraith incubating within her had taken control of her body. Reinforcements, Part 1 As it fought Rom and his reinforcements of Livia and Orphion, it ejected itself from Camilia to take the form of a Wraith Hawk. Rom managed to destroy the Hawk while Orphion expunged the Wraith from Camilia. Elsewhere, a group of Wraiths were starting a cult to feed off the psionic energy of humans. Reinforcements, Part 2 Led by D'rge, the Wraiths sucked out souls of several humans to feed "The Absence." Orphion and Rom debated on what to do regarding Earth. Orphion highlighted that the Wraiths had infected every continent and Earth should be destroyed but Rom desired to learn more information rather than just mindlessly destroy Wraiths. The discussion was halted by a G.I. Joe attack. Reinforcements, Part 3


The Dire Wraiths come in many different forms, with different castes having different abilities. These include:

  • Wraith Sorcerers: The most highest class of Wraiths, possessing the most powerful magics.
  • Wraith Hawks: An elite caste with the ability to fly.
  • Wraith Stalkers: The trackers of the Wraiths.
  • Wraith Mutates: Wraiths that form from their infected victims.