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The galaxy contains all sorts of unusual planets that boggle the mind and push the limits of physics with Verdulun-5 is one of the most unique. Described by Rom as a planet-sized cellular mass, it is governed by a uni-mind that is capable of assimilating alien lifeforms into its gestalt consciousness.


A cadre of Dire Wraith Sorcerers made planetfall on Verdulun-5 intending to terraform it into an outpost in their war against the Solstar Order. The planet's hive mind fought back however and assimilated the Wraiths into the collective whole gaining not only the Wraiths' magic but their intelligence, boosting the uni-mind's evolution as well as negating the Wraiths' aggressive tendencies. Battle Scars, Part 2

In one of their last missions together, Rom and Fy-Laa made planetfall on Verdulun-5, with their Analyzers reading the Wraiths as being both everywhere and nowhere. Upon landing, Fy-Laa discovered the planet's gelatinous ground before a blob enveloped him and cleansed his armor of impurities. The planet then sprung to life explaining it was both a Wraith and a native all at the same time as more globulous tendrils sprouted up from the ground. Battle Scars, Part 1

Though Rom and Fy-Laa took flight, they soon realized that the planet meant them no harm as it explained why it gave off a Wraith signature. Though Fy-Laa viewed Verdulun-5 as a peaceful way to end the Wraith war, Rom disagreed and said it had to be destroyed for having Wraith genetics. Verdulun-5 protested saying it was no threat to anyone and asked Rom for a chance to prove itself...much to his horror however it did so through Fy-Laa, having assimilated him into its hive mind. Battle Scars, Part 2