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"Smile you son of a gun."

Ever need to root out alien shapeshifters? Then look no further than the Energy Analyzer. Often just called the Analyzer, it allows the order of Space Knights to see past the alien disguises of the Dire Wraiths and weed out friend from foe. It is the only device in the known galaxy that can distinguish between the genuine article of a species and a Dire Wraith imitation.

Taking the form of red, iris like circle on a Space Knight's wrist, it works by projecting a red beam of energy that sweeps over its targets and analyzing their energy. Once the scan is complete, Wraiths are highlighted in blue in the Space Knight's HUD while other aliens are highlighted green.

Despite its primary purpose however, the Analyzer is capable of a multitude of other functions. It can track teleport signals, gleam the nature of inanimate objects, function as a flashlight, perform medical scans, project holograms and even function as a communicator. It doesn't work on that other race of alien shapeshifters however.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The Analyzer was developed at some point after the Wraith invasion of Elonia, Cold Fire to weed out genuine articles of alien species from Dire Wraiths. Earthfall: Prelude Like the Neutralizer, individual Analyzers could be used in concert with other models to create larger, more powerful scans. Two of them could scan an entire planet and show the Space Knights how infected a world was, which became the reason Space Knights always travelled in pairs. Reinforcements, Part 3 A Space Knight could channel the energy of a Neutralizer into the Analyzer's irises for a wide beam effect. The Analyzer was also able to track the progress of a Wraith infection. Earthfall: Part Three

The Analyzer was mounted on a ball joint and capable of swivelling around. The metallic physiology of Cybertronians, however, could conceal Dire Wraiths from the effects of an Analyzer. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

After Fy-Laa perished, Battle Scars, Part 4 pieces of his armor were taken by the Wraiths for study, including the Analyzer which was eventually transferred to a facility on the planet Earth. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1

When Rom arrived on Earth, he used his Analyzer to scan the nearby town of Cooper's Mill and found it infested with Wraiths. Needing a closer look, he landed and transformed the Analyzer into its more extensive and powerful mode. Earthfall: Part One

Later on however, it failed him when it read several Wraiths as human. Earthfall: Part Two He soon learned that this was due to cloaking technology the Wraith leaders had acquired. Earthfall: Part Four After fighting Axiom, Field Test Rom learned that Ore-13 was behind this. He later shared this information with the Autobots he had allied himself with. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png His Analyzers soon detected a massive Wraith army approaching Autobot City allowing the group a precious few seconds to rally a defense against the Wraiths. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png

After that threat had passed, Rom's Analyzers led him to Schleteva where he found G.I. Joe combating a group of humans who had been partially mutated into Dire Wraiths. He later used it to try and gleam the true nature of the Talisman to no avail. After it had been teleported away, Rom tried to use his Analyzer to locate it but it proved unable to follow the trail. It did however, detect large concentrations of true Wraiths, prompting Rom to take his leave. The Analyzer also had a flashlight function. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png

When surrounded by grateful humans wanting pictures, Livia bluffed that her Analyzer was a camera and used it confirm that all of the crowd was human. Interlude Orphion later sent Rom and Livia into Earth's orbit to reconfirm the earlier scan. To help make Darby Mason trust him, Ruan Sablik helped her steal Fy-Laa's Analyzer. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1

Darby used her Analyzer to confirm that her grandmother was not a Wraith. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 2 She later returned to the warehouse she stolen it from where the Analyzer's light revealed a ghostly image of a Wraith that allowed Darby to reunite with Camilla Byers. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 3

After being attacked by the Micronauts, D'rge cast a spell on the miniature aliens so that they read as Wraiths to Energy Analyzers. Micronauts: First Strike Though initially fooled, a second, more precise Analyzer scan revealed to Rom that the Micronauts were not Wraiths. ROM: First Strike

Both Darby and Camilla eventually reunited with Rom in time for a second teamup with the Micronauts. After Baron Karza had seemingly killed both Rom and the Micronauts, Darby and Livia used their Analyzers to try and find any trace of their friends but came up empty. Small World Rom later hooked up his Analyzer to the Micronauts' ship to allow the heroes to track the Wraiths through the Entropy Cloud. Microspace Knight

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • The more extensive Analyzer seen in ROM #1 is based off the original Rom toy's Energy Analyzer.

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