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The name or term "Micronauts" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Micronauts (disambiguation).
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The Micronauts are a ragtag team of heroes from Microspace. Originally a small-time crew of smugglers aboard their ship, the Heliopolis, they found themselves drawn into the conflict between Baron Daegon's Ministry of Science and Baron Karza's Ministry of Defense. They are now stuck on a strange, mysterious world populated by giant creatures and even bigger machines.

Members include:

Fiction[edit | edit source]

The team that would become known as the Micronauts were a group of smugglers consisting of Space Glider Phenolo-Phi, a first-gen Acroyear, an MT class droid, and Pharoid Oziron Rael. They were hired by Hezlee Ferro to steal a pack of medical supplies from a Ministry of Science Valtricos station. Ferro assigned his security agent Larissa to accompany them on the job. When the Micronauts arrived at the station, they found it protected by numerous sentry-bots that attacked them upon arrival. After unsuccessfully trying to fight off the sentries, the crew fled to a room storing a Biotron unit. Oz got in the Biotron, which reveals that there weren't any medical supplies on the station; the station was actually developing a biological weapon. A group of Phobos units then attacked, blowing a hole in the station and causing the Micronauts to go flying. Micronauts #1 Caught in the gravity well of the nearby planet, the Micronauts survived reentry owing to Larissa's forcefields. Making their way to a trading settlement, the Micronauts saved the community from a sample of the bio-weapon before the forces of Baron Daegon arrived to capture Oz. Micronauts #2

Brought aboard the Ministry of Science's flagship, Oz explained both the past of his people and his personal history with Daegon and what the Minister intended for them. Daegon soon returned and escorted Oz away to make use of his abilities in an attempt to probe more of the Entropy Cloud's secrets. Micronauts #3 After extensive testing on Oz wielded no results, the flagship came under attack by the Ministry of Defense forces. Micronauts #5 In the chaos of the battle, and under the advice of the Time Travelers, the Micronauts manage to board the Heliopolis and flew directly into the Entropy Cloud. Micronauts #6

As Scarlett and Joe Colton speculated as to what other aliens Metrotitan might have attracted to Earth, the Micronauts were engaged in a battle.Secret Raiders TFWikiFavicon.png

While flying through the Cloud, the Micronauts were attacked by Reptos, a race of beings previously thought destroyed by the cloud. Before the Reptos could destroy the Heliopolis, the crew was saved by the mysterious Time Traveller.

Several days into their journey, Microtron scanned the surrounding area looking for something to fuel the Heliopolis, detecting something "big". The Micronauts then received a message from none other than Baron Karza. Karma told them that though it had only been a few days for them, years had passed for Karza. Microtron then informed Oz that he discovered the source of the energy he detected, as well as the source of Karza's signal. Oz struggled to comprehend and Karza explained that "it" was the birthplace of Microspace: the body of Micronus Prime. Micronauts: Revolution

Karza revealed that Micronus had a spacebridge, allowing them to travel to another universe and retrieve Ore-13, which Karza claimed could bring order to the entropy cloud. Karza enlisted the Micronauts to travel to the other planet to save Microspace. The Micronauts were hesitant to trust Karza but as they debated, a Time Traveler appeared, urging them to enter the now-open bridge. The Micronauts arrived in Autobot City, only to discover what appeared to be a giant Karza robot standing in their way. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png The fighting only escalated when Acroyear emerged to confront the giant only for a larger giantess to intervene. The fighting was then halted entirely by Soundwave. Once the Micronauts had regained consciousness, Rom offered them a melodramatic apology for endangering their universe. An apology that none of the Micronauts actually understood but they liked the Space Knight's style. After Optimus Prime had managed to rally everyone together, the Micronauts joined in the defence of Earth against the Dire Wraiths and M.A.S.K. before Baron Karza emerged from the spacebridge and enerchanged with the Wraiths, becoming a towering monster. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png

Upon realizing that Ancient Cybertronian could be utilized as a common language, the Micronauts joined Soundwave to aid in using the spacebridge to defeating Karza. For their part, they enerchanged with the portal to stabilize the myriad of frequencies passing through it. After Karza was forced across the event horizon, the spacebridge detonated and the Micronauts were warped across the United States eventually winding up as laboratory specimens. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png

Though attempting to reason with their captors, the Micronauts faced a language barrier, only managing to escape due to a female scientist. Micronauts #7

After their escape, the Micronauts set out to find another spacebridge but detected the Entropy Cloud's energy signature. Arriving at the site, they were greeted by a Microspace-scaled city and the Sentient Time Chamber. Micronauts #8 Offering the Micronauts a veritable feast, the Time Chamber explained his past and those of his Kronus companions before imparting the knowledge that since the death of Microspace had yet to occur from the Micronauts' perspective, they might yet have a chance to find a new path for their universe. The city was then attacked by Steven Klain's forces which ended in the death of the Time Chamber and the Kronus despite the Micronauts managing to make a clean getaway. Micronauts #9

While flying away, the Micronauts encountered a rift in space/time that could potentially serve as a doorway back to Microspace. Attempting to enter, they came under attack by versions of themselves from an alternate future. After realizing they were about to initiate a time loop, the Micronauts declined to return home causing their future counterparts to fade from existence. Micronauts Annual 2017

After a strange mutual dream between the Helmet and Oz ended in the latter gaining the ability to understand English, the Micronauts set out to help Rhonda Conway. Upon arriving at her house however, they found the place deserted before they were set upon by futuristic Acroyears. Though managing to destroy the Giant Acroyear and taking flight, the new Acroyears pursued the Micronauts. Micronauts #10 To deal with their foes, the Micronauts fired an EMP that disabled them, before landing their ship for repairs. Micronauts #11

After repairs were finished, the Micronauts were approached by the Revolutionaries who were seeking allies in their quest for the Talisman. Though none of the Micronauts knew what the Talisman was, they vaguely recognized the obelisk and agreed to helped, wondering if it held the key to returning home. After locating the artifact on the moon, the Micronauts engaged the Iron Ring while Larissa enerchanged with the Talisman, reconfiguring it into a flight capable mode. After evacuating Section Sabine, the Larissa flew the Talisman to Buenos Aires before the Micronauts resumed their own quest. Enter The Shadow TFWikiFavicon.png

Eventually tracking Dr. Conway to the house of her step-sister Betty, the Micronauts saved her and her family from Commander Klain before introducing themselves to Conway. They proposed a mutually beneficial arrangement, the Micronauts would give them all protection while the Conway would give them information about Earth. An arrangement that was reluctantly agreed to. Micronauts #11

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