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This article is about the member of the Micronauts. For the race of super-soldiers for which he is named, see Acroyear (group). For a list of other meanings, see Acroyear (disambiguation).
They shall be my Space Marines, and they shall know no fear.

The taciturn Acroyear forgoes his own name, going instead by that of the breed of genetically-engineered super-warriors to which he belongs. One of the last surviving first generation Acroyears, he narrowly escaped destruction with the help of Oziron Rael, and now fights as part of the Pharoid's crew of Micronauts.

Acroyear is a warrior without parallel, able to enerchange turbines for flight and summon a powerful sword from subspace. For him, no opponent is too tough, no obstacle insurmountable, no odds too slim, even in a world of giants. In truth, the only time Acroyear feels out of his depth is when the battle is over – the absence of threat leaves him feeling intensely uncomfortable. Luckily for him, that's not a problem he has so much these days.

Fiction[edit | edit source]

Hasbro Universe[edit | edit source]

Warrior and mercenary[edit | edit source]

What wars must there be in creation that require warriors like you?

Born on Aegis-3, the warrior who would come to be known as "Acroyear" originated as a rising star among the last of the Sandmen mercenary caste, who was forcibly conscripted along with his fellow Sandmen by Baron Karza and subjected to genetic and behavioral modification, transforming him into an Acroyear warrior. Acroyear participated in the disastrous defense of MoDee research station that led to the other Acroyears being recalled and terminated; however, Acroyear was left for dead on MoDee, and was found by Oziron Rael and his first mate Microtron. Suffering amnesia over the events on MoDee, he joined their crew on the Heliopolis, working as the team's muscle. Acroyear's profile During this time, he believed himself to be the only surviving member of the original Acroyears. Micronauts #6

When Oz got into a confrontation with Hezlee Ferro's guards after a delivery operation, Acroyear was the one to physically lay a beating on them on Oz's behalf. He subsequently accompanied Oz, Phenolo-Phi and Larissa when they raided Valtricos research station for medical supplies, taking out the majority of a platoon of sentry robots. Upon discovering that the orbital research station did not carry medical supplies but biological weapons, Acroyear — along with his allies and a Biotron unit — was ejected from the station when a group of pre-conditioned Phobos units attacked them. Micronauts #1 Acroyear managed to destroy several of the Phobos, enerchanging glider wings to slow his descent to the planet's surface. After the ship landed, Acroyear accompanied Biotron, Oz and Larissa in a supply run to a native settlement; when the Micronauts were attacked by the forces of the Ministry of Defense, Acroyear fought back against the Acroyear II swarm, but was ordered to surrender by Oz when the team was "rescued" by the Ministry of Science. Micronauts #2 Oz's pull with the Ministry leader Baron Daegon meant that he was able to demand that Acroyear and Microtron be allowed to stay with the group; subsequently the team were imprisoned in a Ministry of Science holding facility. Micronauts #3

There is the Emperor, and there is war. Nothing more.

When the holding facility was attacked by the Ministry of Defense, Acroyear and the other Micronauts took the opportunity to escape, fighting their way to Biotron and the Heliopolis; once they found Biotron, however, the group was cornered by Acroyear II forces, led by the first-generation Acroyear Commander Raith. Though Acroyear tried to warn Oz, it came too late, and Raith stabbed Oz in the chest through Biotron's canopy. Micronauts #5 While the other Micronauts tried to help Oz, Acroyear duelled with Raith, expressing his disappointment in discovering that he was not the last of his kind. When Oz suddenly jerked back to consciousness, his wound healed, Raith's distraction allowed Acroyear to sock him in the face. After Biotron — now a conscious, living being through Oz's revival — cleared a path to the Heliopolis, Acroyear joined his allies in escaping the station, and when Oz explained his intent to use the ship's warpcore to punch safely through the entropy storm in the hope of saving Microspace, Acroyear silently agreed. Micronauts #6

After flying into the Cloud, the Micronauts were attacked by Reptos, a race of beings previously thought destroyed by the cloud. Microtron sent Acroyear out to fight off the Reptos while Biotron repaired the ship. Acroyear and Biotron continued to fight until the crew was saved by the mysterious Time Traveler. Micronauts: Revolution

Arrival on Earth[edit | edit source]

In great armour shall I clad them and with the mightiest guns will they be armed.

Several days into their journey, while tracking a mysterious energy source, the Micronauts received a message from Baron Karza. Karza told them that though it had only been a few days for them inside the storm, years had passed for him after he followed them into the cloud. The Micronauts soon arrived at the location of the energy source, or as Karza called it, the birthplace of Microspace: the body of Micronus Prime. Micronauts: Revolution Karza told the Micronauts that Microspace needed them to save the universe. Phen questioned what they should do, since Karza tried to kill them earlier, and Acroyear insisted they fight. Upon traveling through the spacebridge of Micronus to Earth, Acroyear — misinterpreting the metal walls of Autobot City — posited that they could be in a world, or even a universe, made entirely out of metal. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png After exiting the spacebridge, the Heliopolis was attacked by what looked like a giant robot in the shape of Baron Karza, but was actually the G.I. Joe ninja Snake Eyes! Acroyear flew from the Heliopolis to attack the ninja, but the Micronauts were immediately confronted by an even bigger robot that towered over Snake Eyes. Acroyear didn't care, though, declaring that size was irrelevant to an Acroyear... only for all three fighters to be incapacitated by a sonic attack from Soundwave. As the Transformers Optimus Prime and Soundwave saw to Arcee, Windblade and Rom examined the Micronauts; as Rom picked up Acroyear and observed that his armor resonated as the spacebridge had, he realised that the Micronauts hailed from the universe of Micronus. As Rom lamented his callousness in threatening Microspace, Acroyear observed that, though he couldn't understand the giant, he did like his armor.

When Mobile Armored Strike Kommand and an army of Dire Wraiths attacked Autobot City, Acroyear was at the forefront of its defenders. Though the Wraiths turning on M.A.S.K. gave the Micronauts and their allies some respite, things changed for the worse when Baron Karza emerged from the spacebridge and Enerchanged with the Wraiths, transforming into a monstrous titan that towered over even the Transformers! The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png Believing the Transformers to be working with the Karza-Wraith, Matt Trakker attacked in Thunderhawk, but Acroyear fought back, crashing through the vehicle's windshield; and when Snake Eyes, believing Rom to be attacking Trakker, began fighting the space knight, Acroyear moved to side with his "armor-brother". When Optimus Prime, in an attempt to get the fighting parties to work together, pulled Acroyear, Snake Eyes and Rom into his truck mode's cab to force them to acknowledge the real threat of the Karza-Wraith, the fighters — along with M.A.S.K. and the arriving G.I. Joe and Action Manfinally united against it. Subsequently, in an effort to prevent the detonation of the Ore-13 crystals that Autobot City was situated above, the Micronauts — using Rom's armor as a conduit, and the combined abilities of Soundwave and Matt Trakker to project a counter-frequency — Enerchanged with the spacebridge, saving the Earth. Though their effort succeeded, the spacebridge was destroyed, cutting them off from Microspace; and the Micronauts were rendered unconscious by the spacebridge explosion, leaving them to be captured by a scientific organisation who wished to vivisect them. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png

The great escape[edit | edit source]

Come, you aliens! Show me what passes for fury amongst your misbegotten kind!

While imprisoned in the scientists' laboratory, Acroyear nearly punched through the bulletproof glass of the Micronauts' container, leading it to be replaced with stronger material. When the scientist Rhonda Conway used an electrical shock to knock out the Micronauts, Acroyear resisted it, and recovered before the others did, allowing him to break out of the case being used to transport them; he then laid a thorough beatdown on the guards, moving too fast to allow most of them to hit him. Though Biotron posited that Rhonda was intentionally allowing them to escape by using a too-weak shock and an easily-broken case, Acroyear was skeptical, choosing to treat the humans as enemies until further notice. While Biotron and Microtron escaped with the unconscious organic Micronauts, Acroyear tried to fight off the human soldiers to cover their retreat, but was first caught in a human-fired net before being caught by an attack dog, which was eventually scared off by Microtron. Unable to break through the doors locking down the human facility, Acroyear was shocked when they were opened by Rhonda Conway; assuming she wished to recapture them, he knocked her over so he and his allies could escape, but reconsidered when she pointed out the Heliopolis in its suppression field. Micronauts #7

Acroyear and the other Micronauts escaped the human facility in Rhonda's SUV, pursued by the human guards; taking flight to defend the vehicle from its pursuers, Acroyear succeeded in knocking one of the vehicles off the road, though his pride was wounded on seeing that Phenolo-Phi had destroyed two more. When the Heliopolis was repaired, the Micronauts escaped aboard it, taking out one of the pursuing helicopters as they fled; afterwards, while deciding on a destination, Microtron picked up an energy signature matching that of the Entropy Cloud, which Oz believed could hold the key to their returning home. On arriving at the source of the energy, the Micronauts found an ancient Microspace-scale city inhabited by Kronus, and were greeted by a strange sentient Time Chamber. Micronauts #8 Acroyear and the other Micronauts were led by the Chamber to the city's main hall, where it explained the origin of it and the Kronus: they came from the future, where the Entropy Storm had destroyed all of Microspace, but the nature of travel through the cloud left them to arrive on Earth thousands of years in the past. When the human soldiers found and attacked the city, Acroyear flew off to fight against the attackers, and when Oz was caught by Commander Steven Klain Acroyear saved him, cutting off Klain's fingers before pulling the Pharoid to safety. Micronauts #9

Nothing warms my heart so much as the sight of a gun so massive that its fury makes the very world tremble.

When the Micronauts confronted their future counterparts, Acroyear saved Biotron and Oz from falling, and fought with his future self, who bore an Enerchanged centaur body like Baron Karza's. Micronauts Annual 2017 When Oz decided to find and protect Rhonda Conway and her son Billy, Acroyear agreed; upon arriving at the Conway home, Acroyear cut through the rear door's hinges, allowing the Micronauts in. Acroyear joined the others in searching the house, and when it was invaded by Klain's soldiers, he was with them when they were mistaken for Billy's toys; though he took offense at being thought of as such, Acroyear had no chance to do anything, as the house was at that point attacked by a group of strange, futuristic Acroyears. Acroyear was shocked to find that these "new Acroyears" posed a match for him in combat, but managed to destroy the Giant Acroyear that accompanied them by throwing one of Billy's toys through its chest. As the Micronauts evacuated the house, Acroyear deemed the Weeble a fine weapon, and brought it with him. Micronauts #10

When the pursuing swarm of Acroyears caught up to the fleeing Heliopolis, Acroyear proactively headed off to defend the ship's access hatch, using laying into the swarm with his sword and the Weeble; though the Acroyears threatened to overwhelm the defenders, Oz managed to deactivate them by turning off the ship's systems and detonating an EMP. Subsequently, when the Micronauts discovered Klain threatening Billy, Rhonda, and her stepsister Betty in Betty's home, Acroyear had Microtron fly the Heliopolis into position before intervening himself, hurling the Weeble at the mercenary's head hard enough to knock him unconscious. Though Acroyear wanted to kill the man, Oz insisted that they not do so, and had him cut through the two women's bonds instead; he was soon present while Oz negotiated an alliance with Rhonda and her family. Micronauts #11

At some point, Garrison Blackrock tracked down the Micronauts, seeking their help in locating the Talisman; the team assumed the worst, and fought back against Blackrock's team, with Acroyear continuing to fight Kup even after the situation had calmed down. When the Micronauts travelled with the Revolutionaries to the Section Sabine moonbase in order to rescue Action Man and retrieve the Talisman, Acroyear was very eager to find something to fight, which he found in the Red Shadows. Enter the Shadow TFWikiFavicon.png

Karza strikes back[edit | edit source]

Having launched a global attack on Earth and neutralised its defenders, Wrath of Karza #1 Baron Karza targeted the Micronauts, sending a crew led by Membros to take them in. When the Heliopolis was shot down by Membros's Sharkos, only Acroyear retained consciousness; though he was able to pull Oz and Phen from the wreckage, and was briefly able to fend off the attackers, his Weeble was bisected by a Repto's buzzsaw and he was shocked into unconsciousness by Membros. Wrath of Karza #2 The Micronauts were captured, and Acroyear was taken to be reconditioned to rejoin the forces of the Ministry of Defense, now the Ministry of War; during the reconditioning process, Commander Raith had his helmet sawed open and pulled away from his mutilated face.Wrath of Karza #3

Following his reconditioning, Acroyear was placed in command of a large army of Acroyear III warriors. However, unknown to Karza and Raith, the brainwashing did not take, and he was able to wrest command of the mechanical super-soldiers from Karza. When the Micronauts rescued the Autobots Optimus Prime, Arcee and Jazz from Karza's prison as reinforcements, Karza deployed Acroyear against them, but the Micronaut revealed his true allegiance and turned on Karza; in response, Karza used a kill-switch on his arm to deactivate the Acroyear III army, unwilling to allow them to be usurped from his control. With Karza having few allies left to him, Acroyear pulled Raith from the Mobile Operations Base to fight him on the ground below. Though Karza seemed to be beaten, things changed when Shazraella, now wielding the power of the Entropy Cloud, intervened; Wrath of Karza #4 though Karza was horrified by her actions, forcing him to ally with the Micronauts and Autobots, Acroyear was more interested in finishing his duel with his opposite number. The two Acroyear warriors continued to fight, even as Shazraella's alterations of time changed them in strange ways; after Oz was reborn as a Time Traveler, he informed the other Micronauts of Acroyear's whereabouts, and asked them to let him know that they would be reunited soon. Wrath of Karza #5

Find the truth that will save your universe.
Microspace needs you to live, Oziron Rael.

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Alternate timeline[edit | edit source]

At some point after the Micronauts returned to Microspace, Acroyear engaged Baron Karza in battle, a fight he ultimately lost. He upgraded himself into a centaur-mode similar to Baron Karza and Daegon's. Micronauts Annual 2017

Aw Yeah Revolution![edit | edit source]

When Baron Karza obtained the Orbsah Gem and captured Optimus Prime, Snake Eyes, and Rom, Acroyear and Space Glider detected the damage this would do to Microspace. Acroyear assembled the rest of the Micronauts to stop their archenemy. Aw Yeah Revolution! #1 TFWikiFavicon.png The Micronauts attacked Karza, but they were unable to stand against him with the Orbsah Gem enhancing his strength. As Baron Karza attempted to flee Microspace, Acroyear, Rom, and Snake Eyes followed him to Earth, where they arrived at the headquarters of Cobra. The three heroes were confronted by Storm Shadow, who revealed that Karza had arrived months ahead of them and had allied himself with Cobra. He then engaged them in battle, with Acroyear's swordplay proving enough to stand against the ninja. However, the fight was interrupted by Cobra unveiling their newest weapon: a brainwashed Optimus Prime! Aw Yeah Revolution! #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • According to the Japanese spelling and the early Micronauts commercials, it's supposed to be pronounced "a-KROY-er". We won't blame you for sticking with "Acro-year".
  • Acroyear's role as one of the heroic Micronauts is taken from Bill Mantlo's Marvel Comics iteration of the character; by contrast, the original toyline pegged them as the "enemy of the Micronauts", like the rest of the Acroyears.
  • Future Acroyear's head fins are directly taken from the Marvel Comics Acroyear's helmet design.

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