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Rom K'atsema is a Space Knight and Lord of the Solstar Order. Once a young geologist with a lust for life, Rom was forever changed when the evil Dire Wraiths destroyed his homeworld Elonia. The first armor-enhanced Space Knight, Rom is also one of the most powerful, and the Wraiths fear him more than all others. Because of his success in eliminating their numbers, he has earned the name of Wraithslayer among his enemies. He has hounded the Wraiths and kept them underground for centuries. He alone could wipe them off the face of existence. He is Rom, Lord of the Solstar Order! Rom, the Wraithslayer! Rom, the Space Knight!

However, having spent 200 years trapped in symbiotic metal armor, Rom has tired of waging an endless war with the Wraiths. While his fellow Knights are only focused on destroying the Wraiths and those they infect, Rom hopes to save the Wraiths' victims and restore peace to the cosmos. This mission has brought him to Earth, where he finds a world full of strong people, and a Wraith infection greater than any he's known before. Rom wishes to understand what his enemies are planning for this world and to save the unique species that inhabits it.


Hasbro Universe[edit]


Rom was born on Elonia circa 1800, the son of Shah and Benna K'atsema, along with his younger brother Reyn. During his twentieth solar cycle, while away from home with his university friends Livia and Fy-laa, a series of meteors crashed onto the planet, some landing near Rom's home. As Rom was about to return home, the meteors exploded, killing Reyn and Benna, while Shah was injured and (unknown to Rom) infected by a Dire Wraith. The Solstar Order took his mother back to their medical center, where Solstar Lieutenant Diavod informed him that his mother wasn't likely to survive. As Livia comforted him, Rom theorized that the meteor landings were too specific to be random, and that they were likely an attack. Just then, the victims, including Rom's mother, transformed into Dire Wraiths and attacked. Diavod tried to fight them off, but the Shah-Wraith knocked his Neutralizer out of his hands before he could use it. Realizing that the creature was no longer his mother, Rom grabbed the Neutralizer and blasted the Wraith. As the Wraiths fled from the scene, Diavod, impressed by Rom's use of his weapon, offered him a place in the Solstar Order.

Upon joining the Order, Rom, Livia, and Fy-laa were given a full briefing from Imperator Carax and Senior Officer Orphion on what the Dire Wraiths were and the threat they posed to the planet. Rom was initially angry that Elonia was never warned of this threat, but resolved to do everything in his power to stop the Wraiths from spreading. As the three began their training, Rom and Livia soon began a romantic relationship. After reaching the rank of Cadet, the three were given their first mission: guarding a mine near Rom's old home that the Dire Wraith could use as a command post. Rom was disappointed at this assignment, feeling that his talents could be better served hunting down Wraiths than just sitting around waiting.

Shortly after arriving at the mine, the trio were attacked by a cadre of Dire Wraiths, including the Shah-Wraith. Having grown up around the area, Rom created an escape route for him and his friends by firing his Neutralizer into the ground, leading to a flooded chasm. With the Dire Wraiths right behind them, Rom told Livia and Fy-laa to run as he held them off. His Neutralizer empty, he pulled a stone from the ground with which to combat the Wraiths. However, the monsters responded in fear, saying that he had found "the Ore," as the stone began to change shape and surround his arm. Rom struck one of the Wraith leaders with his Ore-covered hand, causing pain to the creature. Realizing that the mineral could hurt them, Rom grabbed more of the Ore, which surrounded the rest of his body and formed a crystalline armor. As Rom reached for his Neutralizer, the weapon was absorbed into the armor, allowing him to channel its energy into attacks. Rom told his friends to take the Ore for themselves, creating armor for them as well and allowing them to kill the Wraiths, including the one that took over Rom's mother. However, after the fight, Rom discovered that the armor had permanently bonded itself to him and he was unable to remove it.

After running several tests, the Solstar Order found that the armor perfectly preserved the life functions of its wearers, providing any biological need and making them effectively immortal. While Livia and other Order members were satisfied to have such an effective weapon against the Dire Wraiths, Rom worried about the fact that they may be trapped in this form forever. As the rest of the Order went to retrieve more of the Ore, Rom flew to the remains of his home, marking the memory of his family with a beam from his Neutralizer. Cold Fire

The Solstar Order was eventually successful in routing the Wraiths from Elonia, but only after the dark magicians had assimilated and killed much of the population. The Order proceeded to pursue the Dire Wraiths across space for more than 200 years, seeking to end their existence once and for all. Earthfall: Part Two

Arrival on Earth[edit]

Although the Space Knights traditionally traveled in pairs, Earthfall: Part Three Rom touched down alone on the Wraith-infested world of Earth, and was quickly approached by both the United States military and the local police force of Pismo Beach. Identifying several of the soldiers as Dire Wraiths using his Energy Analyzer, Rom engaged, disintegrating two with his Neutralizer. The third Wraith was able to energize itself with the blood of one of the police officers, wounding the other officer in the process, and adopted a Wraith Hawk form to battle Rom, but to no avail. Having destroyed the last Wraith, he proclaimed to the wounded officer and remaining human soldier that their world had been invaded... but Rom the Space Knight had come! Earthfall: Prelude

Arriving in the nearby town of Cooper's Mill, Rom was intrigued to find that it had been overrun by Wraiths, but without any overt signs such as Wraith Hives. Carrying out analysis in Mantlo Park, he stumbled upon a group of disguised Wraiths greeting home the soldier Darby Mason. Attacking just as they attempted to assimilate Mason, Rom began destroying Wraiths en masse, but the crowds of disguised magicians quickly began filming him for propaganda purposes, before revealing that the park's vegetation was also infested, coming to twisted life and grasping at the Space Knight. After boosting away from the creeping plants, Rom set the park ablaze and proceeded to track Mason, who he identified as the last human in the entire town. Carrying her to safety, she initially fought back, before accepting that she too had sensed something strange about her family, and listening to Rom explain his identity and mission. Earthfall: Part One

At Mason's request, Rom brought her to her family home so that the soldier could retrieve a photo of her deceased family. Noting that her love for them was a rock to cling to against the Wraiths, Rom proceeded to explain that Darby had been uniquely resistant to the Wraiths attempt to replace her in the park, but tendrils of infestation soon burst into the house, forcing the pair to flee. High above the town, Rom then used his Neutralizer in its "ultimate form" to burn the Wraiths from the entire settlement... save Mason's house. Retreating to a nearby coastal cave to rest, Rom shared the story of Elonia and the Space Knights with Darby, before detecting an inhuman presence nearby.

Leaving Mason at the cave, Rom discovered the police officer wounded during his arrival on Earth, Camilla Byers, being pursued by Wraith Stalkers, which he promptly disintegrated. The Space Knight was shocked to see that Byers's wound had formed a Wraithmark, but was interrupted by the arrival of soldiers, who quickly attacked Rom. Detecting them as human, Rom refused to retaliate, but was then stunned when they revealed themselves as Wraiths! Earthfall: Part Two Led by the Wraith Sorcerer D'rge, the aliens ensnared Rom and Byers in binding spells, and began an attempt to strip the Space Knight's armor from him. However, whilst D'rge telepathically communed with Byers, weaving lies about the Wraiths' intentions, Rom was able to redirect his Neutralizer through his wrist Analyzers and destroy the Wraith guards. As D'rge fled, Rom explained to Byers how the Wraiths replaced their victims, and that her Wraithmark could yet be safely removed. First, however, he asked that she use the mental connection it provided to aid in their battle. Regrouping with Mason, who had been taken in for questioning by disguised Wraiths and then released, the trio formed a plan to root out the dark magicians hidden within the military—a plan that involved Mason calling the Wraiths to capture Rom and Byers, and take them right inside Vandenberg Air Force Base. Earthfall: Part Three

Within the base, Rom was kept inside a special cube (unknown to him one derived from Cybertronian technology) that prevented him from properly interacting with the world outside his prison. He was eventually freed when Darby fired an EMP at the cube, disrupting its field long enough for Rom to break free with his Neutralizer, though doing so drained the weapon forcing to rely on melee combat for a time. By the time he could fire it, a Wraith had taken Darby hostage forcing Rom to detach his weapon from his armor and use it as a lance to slay the Wraith. He was then tackled by a Warrior Wraith whom he engaged in fisticuffs. Managing to overpower the shapeshifter, he demanded to know how the Wraiths were able to hide themselves from the Analyzer and the Warrior revealed (after some torture) that the Wraiths had acquired alien technology that had proven more advanced than that of the Elonians. His friends talked him out of further torture and he flew them to safety. Here Darby announced she was done helping Rom, noting he was too violent and she did not want another war. Rom sympathized and wished her good fortune in her future. Camilla however was not ready to leave Rom yet and insisted that the two travel to Seattle to deal with a special Wraith project. Earthfall: Part Four

Teaming up[edit]

While discussing Optimus Prime's recent annexation of Earth, Miles Mayhem surprised Scarlett with his awareness of Rom's recent exploits in Northern California, noting that the current Action Man could be of potential use there. Secret Raiders TFWikiFavicon.png

In short order, Rom and Byers traveled to Seattle to investigate signs of Wraith activity. Heading into the city, the duo were suddenly attacked by a strange flying creature calling itself Axiom, with elements of both Wraith and human about it. Depositing Byers atop the Space Needle, Rom engaged the creature, but found himself blasted out of the sky by its energy beams. Crashing to the ground in a shipyard, Rom turned his Analyzer on Axiom, revealing it to indeed be human, but clad in bizarre, Wraith-infested armor. Rom's hesitation to fight a human allowed Axiom the upper hand, but after he opened his mask to reveal a bizarre half-human, half-Wraith visage, the Space Knight decided the time for mercy was passed. However, the creature suddenly took flight, intending to attack the helpless Byers. Atop the Needle, Rom was able to get Axiom at gunpoint, but the creature suddenly teleported to safety. As Rom noted that he had detected the unearthly substance Ore-13 within Axiom, Byers shared a telepathic message that her mark allowed her to overhear: Axiom was working for a Wraith named General Colton. Field Test

Revolution 2 RomMeetsTheAutobots.jpg

Rom traced the location of the Wraith Colton to Portland, Oregon, where the false General was coordinating a battle between G.I. Joe and the Transformers. Even as Colton ordered his troops to open fire, Rom disintegrated him, along with three other Wraiths among the Joe forces, Red Zone, Hi-Tech, and Wreckage. As G.I. Joe retaliated, assuming the Space Knight was a Cybertronian, Jazz tried to tackle Rom, to stop him from harming anymore "humans". When the Autobot was shot by Rock 'n Roll, Rom took the opportunity to fly away. Concorde Hymn TFWikiFavicon.png He was pursued by the Cybertronians who managed to damage and force him to make an emergency landing at the Umpqua National Forest. He tried to rest only to be shot in the chest by Optimus Prime who demanded answers. Annoyed, Rom managed to use his smaller size and superior speed to body flip the Cybertronian by turning his weight against him explaining he was here to hunt Dire Wraiths before he was surrounded by Prime's men. He attempted to fly off, punching Soundwave in the face but this left him opened to Windblade slashing his chest with her sword, Arcee punching his open wound and forcing him to the ground, and Optimus Prime ramming him in his vehicle mode. Dazed, the Space Knight was confronted by Prime's weapon inches from his face and asked to tell them more about his mission. The Divine Source of Liberty TFWikiFavicon.png

Revolution 3 RomSpacebridge.jpg

Hopelessly outgunned, Rom introduced himself to the Cybertronians and made peace with them, being brought back to their base. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png Informed TFWikiFavicon.png He did not fully trust them however due to their dismissive attitude towards the damage their civil war had brought to organic worlds. He gave his information on the Dire Wraiths in exchange for information on Ore-13 and Microspace from the Cybertronians. While the mechanical aliens debated amongst themselves, Rom admired the nearby spacebridge, noting its power could aid the Solstar Order and that his armor somehow resonated with the portal. Without warning the spacebridge activated and Rom used this opportunity to send all the Ore-13 he could to Microspace before Optimus Prime made him see reason and the Space Knight stood down. O Ship of State TFWikiFavicon.png

Revolution 5 TheTeamup.jpg

Soon enough, the human Snake Eyes made himself known as did the crew of the Heliopolis. Rom realized the latter were inhabitants of Microspace and offered a heartfelt apology to them for endangering their universe. Optimus cut him off and ordered him to prepare to fight to defend the Earth. Rom's Analyzers then detected a massive army of Wraiths approaching the city. Joining the others, Rom fought off the lead Wraith in combat but was outnumbered by the many Wraiths and outgunned by the power they were drawing from the Ore-13. Rom was downed and his armor was breached as Baron Karza emerged and absorbed all the Dire Wraiths into him. The New Colossus TFWikiFavicon.png As more confusion kept building, Rom began fighting Snake-Eyes and Acroyear only for the three to be grabbed by Optimus and forced into the cockpit of the Autobot leader's truck mode. As he charged Baron Karza, the Prime explained that Karza was their true enemy and rallied everyone to fight together. Rom soon teamed up with Soundwave, the Micronauts, the G.I. Joe known as Mainframe, and Matt Trakker to stop Karza using his own power. Rom acted as a medium to safely channel the increasingly volatile Ore-13 before he safely flew out, carrying Trakker. Riddled with guilt, he apologized to Scarlett for all the pain he'd caused G.I. Joe before he flew off. Valley Forge TFWikiFavicon.png He later returned, however, to properly say goodbye. Reinforcements, Part 1

Later on, he tracked a large Wraith presence to the country of Schleteva where he encountered a G.I. Joe unit led by Mayday and joined forces with them to investigate. He informed them however, that the creatures were not true Dire Wraiths, but humans mutated with Wraith genetics. Using his Neutralizer to stun the creatures, Rom followed the Joes to the source of the mysterious transformation. Once there, the group discovered the human Action Man engaged in battle with the Cybertronian Garrison Blackrock over the Talisman that had caused the mutations. Before Blackrock could slay Action Man, Rom intervened which allowed Mayday to talk down Blackrock. When the Oktober Guard attacked, Rom informed Blackrock he was not a Cybertronian before the two attacked the Guard. The obelisk was triggered in the fight, however, forcing Rom to use his Neutralizer to create a forcefield to shield Action Man and Mayday. Major Bludd attempted to flee but was thwarted by Kup, who expressed surprise at seeing Rom. Rom then tried to use his Analyzer to gleam the obelisk's origin before Bludd suddenly teleported away with Action Man. When the group was still without an answer hours later, Rom had to take his leave to fight off the true Wraiths. Blackrock seemed glad to have him leave. Crisis Intervention TFWikiFavicon.png


Rom eventually flew back to Cooper's Mill, where he'd left Camilla. En route, he reflected that he'd been careless in his recent actions, that Earth was seemingly unique compared to the other worlds where he'd fought Wraiths and how powerful, yet careless, Cybertronians could be and wondered if he would have to one day fight them. Finding Camilla, Rom saw that the Wraith infection had spread even more while he was away and the woman begged him to kill her. He scanned her with his Analyzer and confirmed that the infection was beyond what he'd anticipated and offered her a final choice between trying to cut it out with his Neutralizer (which involved pain and no real guarantee of survival) or simply killing her altogether. Before Camilla could choose, the Wraith took over and engaged Rom in combat, using its tentacles to stop Rom from properly aiming his Neutralizer. Rom managed to down her using his superior speed but before he could kill her, he was shocked to see his comrades Orphion and Livia were on Earth. Reinforcements, Part 1

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Microspace needs you to live, Oziron Rael.

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Aw Yeah Revolution![edit]

While flying through space, Rom the Space Knight detected a group of Dire Wraiths hiding on an asteroid. As the Dire Wraiths emerged to attack Rom, he asked them to calm down and simply talk things out. However, the Dire Wraiths refused, forcing Rom to activate his personal force field. Baron Karza then teleported inside Rom's force field, capturing the Space Knight in green energy and teleporting him away. Rom awoke to discover himself trapped inside a green force bubble, alongside two other heroes captured by Karza: Snake Eyes and Optimus Prime. Karza revealed to his captors his plan to use the Orbsah Gem to steal their abilities, in Rom's case, his tracking abilities, and rule the universe! Aw Yeah Revolution! #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

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