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Livia is one of the Solstar Order's earliest and most formidable Space Knights. Once a young university student with her lover Rom, she was quick to join the Order after the evil Dire Wraiths attacked her home world of Elonia. Her dedication to the Order's mission to annihilate the Wraith scourge from the universe has earned her a reputation amongst the Knights, as well as the partnership with their leader, Orphion.


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Cold Fire

A pre-suited Livia was one of the Order members whom Rom thought of when he explained his life story to Darby Mason. Earthfall: Part Two

Livia and Orphion landed on Earth just off the shore of Pismo Beach. Earthfall: Part Four

Reinforcements, Part 1 Reinforcements, Part 2 Reinforcements, Part 3 Reinforcements, Part 4 Reinforcements, Part 5 Interlude Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1


  • While it was unsure if Livia was from Elonia when she first appeared, Chris Ryall confirmed on Twitter that she was indeed Elonian.[1]