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Behind every great man, there is a great woman rolling her eyes.

Livia is one of the Solstar Order's earliest and most formidable Space Knights. Once a young university student with her lover Rom, she was quick to join the Order after the evil Dire Wraiths attacked her home world of Elonia. Her dedication to the Order's mission to annihilate the Wraith scourge from the universe has earned her a reputation amongst the Knights, as well as the partnership with their leader, Orphion.

At heart however, Livia is a natural daredevil and risk taker. War without end has not only fermented these impulses but given rise to a near-insatiable bloodlust and an increasingly narrow sense of good and evil along with a strong belief in the innate moral superiority of the Solstar Order. Dedicated to victory at any cost, Livia always adheres to protocol and is always willing to make any number of sacrifices (usually other people's) in the name of the greater good. In the end however, these traits may very well result in Livia finding herself consumed by not only the war but her own bloodlust...



Livia was born on the planet Elonia in the 19th century. Cold Fire The peace and contentment of Elonia did not interest Livia and she sought thrills wherever she could find them. Eventually she was accepted into the Elonia University of Arts and Sciences. Exploring in the Thrail Mineral Mine, she met fellow students Rom and Fy-Laa who stopped her from entering the flooded mine. The three would soon establish a weekly date to explore together which blossomed into a strong friendship. Hasbro Heroes Sourcebook #2

While in university, she shared a tent with her friends, joking to Rom's mother that the three were married as a result of it. Much later, Rom would consider that the last time he'd seen the true Livia. Interlude

Shortly afterwards while away on a university dig, mysterious meteors landed near Rom's home. When they were called back by Rom's parents, the trio arrived in time to see he the rocks explode and destroy Rom's house. At the Solstar Academy Medical Center, the three friends observed the treatment of Shah K'atsema before she suddenly turned into a Dire Wraith and tried to assimilate Rom. Rom however impressed the Solstar officers with his handling of a Neutralizer and the three friends were brought before Imperator Carax and Commander Orphion who explained what the Wraiths were before offering the three a chance to become Solstar officers and take the fight to the Wraiths.

The group's first posting however was an unfortunate one: The Blue Mountains where Rom's old home had been. To try and cheer Rom up, Livia offered a bit of sexual intercourse while saying Fy-Laa could have first watch. The moment was quite completely ruined when the Wraiths arrived, knocked out Fy-Laa, and clawed out Livia's eye. Unable to call for help, Rom blew a hole in the ground which led down to a waterlogged mine. Desperate for any form of weapon, Rom grabbed a rock, the target of the Wraiths' invasion of Elonia. The rock then grew around Rom and formed a symbiotic suit of armor around him. At his urging, his friends touched the ore and were blessed with similar suits. The next morning, Fy-Laa noticed Livia's armor was more refined something she speculated was due to her embracing combat. At headquarters, she unintentionally raised the question of whether the armors could naturally produce weapons or whether they had to integrate existing ones before Carax dubbed the three as the first Space Knights. Cold Fire In the aftermath, Livia would swear to never feel the same feeling of pain and helplessness that she experienced before donning the armor. Asymmetric Warfare

The Elonian war lasted a month before the Knights expelled the Wraiths from the planet. In the aftermath, Rom and Livia journeyed to the remains of the former's homestead where Livia assured him that they would be there for each other. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 3

Cosmic battles[edit]

Livia was part of the group of Knights who destroyed the Dire Wraith homeworld. Years later, Livia was on Mato Grosso and shot Vekktral with one of her many Neutralizers but the Wraith escaped via teleport. After that, she and Rom oversaw a training cruise for Cadets Auxin and Sata at a mining colony. To Livia's annoyance however, all the Wraiths present were just Wraith Soldiers. Once Stardrive had joined them, Livia suggested destroying the mining colony which Rom and Stardrive objected too. On the way to the space station Orchid Crossing, Rom and Livia argued about the merits of compassion versus bloodlust. At the station, the two approached Stardrive to inform her that the next morning, the Galactic Council would arrive to negotiate safe passage for the Space Knights into Council space with Stardrive being proof that the Solstar Order could keep Cybertronians in their place. When the delegation arrived however, they were in actuality a Decepticon/Dire Wraith alliance who began killing everyone. Livia took command and told Stardrive to focus providing her usual sympathy to Stardrive's PTSD at recognizing the lead Wraith before tending to Rom after he'd been shot down by Starscream. She then slew Ursa Major commenting to Starscream that though Cybertronians were not able to die, they could be killed even though it was a hard thing to do. She was then grabbed by a vengeful Thrust who prepared to kill her and Sata. Shining Armor #1 TFWikiFavicon.png

Managing to free herself from the Seeker's grip, she engaged him in a dogfight before the Autobot Sky Blast was partially assimilated by a Dire Wraith creating a monstrous Wraith/Cybertronian hybrid. After the hybrid tore apart Doomwings, Livia offered a bit of sarcasm before she joined her fellow Knights in fighting it off. When Ultra Magnus decided to destroy the space station entirely however, Livia joined her fellows in evacuating. Seeing Stardrive rescue Magnus and Bumblebee however convinced Livia that the femme had defected to the Cybertronians. Nonetheless the Knights tracked down their errant comrade with Rom shooting Ultra Magnus into stasis lock and offering Bumblebee a chance to surrender. Shining Armor #2 TFWikiFavicon.png

Magnus survived the attack however prompting Livia to fire a massive barrage which the blue Autobot managed to withstand before Stardrive broke up the fighting and accused Livia and Rom of lying to her about the Cybertronians. Livia however insisted that Stardrive was merely projecting "Solstar morals" onto her kind before Bumblebee and Magnus explained the true nature of the Cybertronian war. After Stardrive revealed the existence of her energon synthesizer however, the Autobots and Space Knights agreed to a reluctant alliance. While flying, Stardrive accused Livia of deliberately wanting to murder all life on Xetaxxis with Livia retorting that as an orphan, Stardrive could not understand that the Knights performed such acts to prevent other families from being torn apart with Rom cutting her off before she went into detail about Reyn. When they arrived at the wreckage of Orchid Crossing, Livia expressed contempt for the Xetaxxians scavenging the station's remains before the Decepticon Seekers attacked. After Starscream dispatched Stardrive, he turned his attention to the Knights. After Rom melodramatically swore that he would protect Xetaxxis from both Wraiths and Decepticons, Livia called Sata for a status report while bemoaning Rom going native. Shining Armor #3 TFWikiFavicon.png

Rom and Livia eventually managed to overpower Dirge and sent him and Starscream retreating. Livia then proposed detonating the energon synthesizer with the resulting explosion sterilizing half the planet. The sheer hypocrisy of her suggestion however caused Stardrive to finally snap and claim she was leaving the order of the Space Knights. Livia however shot her down prompting the Camien to ram Livia in car mode causing her to become entangled in vines. Before Stardrive could slay Livia, Bumblebee arrived and managed to talk down the femme. No sooner had Livia freed herself however did Vekktral arrive having possessed Ultra Magnus. Shining Armor #4 TFWikiFavicon.png

When Stardrive pursued the Decepticons, Livia followed the cadet and saved her life by shooting Starscream in the chest before informing her that her unit integrity needed work. Stardrive opted to simply beat Starscream in a range impressing Livia before the Seeker detonated the energon synthesizer and retreated. Though Stardrive tried to stop the detonation, Livia prevented her. In orbit, Livia commented that they'd done their best which proved to be the last straw for Stardrive who promptly shed her armor and warped off. Upon the Knights' return to a Solstar facility, Livia began training even more new recruits to be like her! Shining Armor #5 TFWikiFavicon.png

After travelling in areas of the galaxy more frequented by Cybertronians, Livia witnessed several aliens find love with other species, Asymmetric Warfare and became familiar with the Decepticon Warworlds. Our Darkest TFWikiFavicon.png

On Earth[edit]

In 2016, a pre-suited Livia was one of the Order members whom Rom thought of when he explained his life story to Darby Mason. Earthfall: Part Two

Livia and Orphion arrived in orbit of Earth tracking down rumours of Rom's deteriorating mental health. The two did a scan of the planet and found it utterly infested with Wraiths, sealing their decision to destroy it. Reinforcements, Part 3 Nonetheless the two made planetfall on Earth just off the shore of Pismo Beach to try and find their errant comrade before Earth was destroyed. Earthfall: Part Four

While retracing Rom's steps, the two killed Wraiths in Santa Barbara before they found him in Cooper's Mill. Though Livia (shockingly) wanted to rush in and kill the Wraith detected inside, Orphion insisted on waiting to see how Rom acted. He was soon thrown out of the house by an infected Camilla Byers before the two made themselves known to Rom. Reinforcements, Part 1 Though Livia insisted on killing the mutated human, Rom defended his new friend from Livia who managed to amputate the human's mutated arm. While Orphion sat back and exchanged witty banter with the human, a Wraith Hawk arrived which Rom and Livia teamed up to kill. Orphion, impressed by Camilla's determination, shot the Wraith out of her before he informed Rom that Earth was to be destroyed. Reinforcements, Part 2

After seeing Camilla off to a hospital, Rom led his fellow Knights to Blind-Eye Cave to discuss Earth's fate and how unusual the Wraiths were behaving with Livia conceding that Wraiths mimicking plants was unusual. Orphion could not be moved however but was shot down by rogue members of G.I. Joe. Rom and Livia managed to defeat them but Orphion had slithered away. Reinforcements, Part 3 The two tracked their commander to an oil platform where after Rom and Orphion briefly fought, Orphion ordered Livia to attack Rom which she reluctantly did. Orphion then ordered Livia below to slay the Wraiths in the lower levels before he would join her. She was unprepared however for the sheer number of Wraiths. Reinforcements, Part 4 She managed to defeat them was reluctantly forced to attack Rom again. Before she could aid Orphion in destroying Earth, she was struck from behind by the Absence. Once Rom had defeated the being, he managed to convince Orphion to step away from genocide and the two resuscitated her. Far from being grateful, Livia scolded them for putting one life ahead of the greater good and that humans or even Cybertronians might soon be on their way. Orphion said that they could always destroy Earth later before giving Rom a chance to make his case about Earth. Reinforcements, Part 5

New Threats[edit]

Rom took the two back to Pismo Beach to observe human culture before Orphion ordered them to drop their cloak. As it turned out the humans were very grateful to meet the heroic Autobots and Livia displayed her stunning social skills by bluffing her Analyzer was a camera to scan the crowd. A local man then directed the Knights to a nearby church where they encountered an unusually powerful Wraith. The three managed to defeat it but only by combining all three of their Neutralizers. Interlude

Rom and Livia were then sent into high orbit to reconfirm the scan of the Wraith infestation before Orphion sent the two to the Mediterranean Sea. Though Livia wanted to quickly kill the two Wraiths on a cruise ship and be done with it, Rom managed to get the two Wraiths to summon the rest of their forces so they could all be destroyed. Unfortunately said reinforcements turned out to be the monstrous Scylla who dragged the two Knights below the sea. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 1 Though the Knights were able to free themselves from Scylla's tentacles, Livia soon blundered right into Charybdis's trap. As tentacles dragged her below, she told Rom to flee and find Orphion. Much to Livia's horror the tentacles were extruding from the crust of the Earth itself, confirming how utterly infested Earth was. When Rom returned, her energy had been near completely drained and she warned him of the tentacles and again told him to destroy Earth with Orphion before the lights in her eyes went out and she told Rom to avenge her. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 2

Rom managed to free Livia and brought her to a fishing boat where he managed to resuscitate her. No sooner had he done so did Scylla strike, forcing Rom and Livia to evacuate the sailors. At the docks, Rom and Livia used what little Neutralizer energy they could muster to turn two boats into improvised bombs. The two Knights then told the sailors to evacuate before they formed spears of Neutralizer energy and dived beneath the waves. The two were beset by an army of Wraith fish before Scylla arrived with a Wraith army. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 3

Undaunted by numbers, Livia engaged her foes attempting to interrogate them for information. Much to her confusion however the Wraiths merely parroted Scylla's words. Rom deduced however that they were telepathically controlled by Scylla's extra heads ordering Livia to destroy them with her light cannons. The destruction of the heads sent the army into chaos and Scylla into a retreat. Using sonics, the two Space Knights tracked their foe to a crevice on the ocean floor where she revealed the extent of the Wraiths' machinations on Earth and that they had been incubating a dark god beneath the planet to allow for universal domination. The words barely fazed Livia however and she rallied Rom to destroy Scylla. After the Wraith perished, Livia conceded that Rom was correct about sparing Earth, lest Neutralizer energy accelerate the Presence's growth, before asking what their next move was. Rom responded that all they could do was keep fighting until the Wraiths had been defeated. Long Roads to Ruin, Part 4

Returning to North America, Livia helped Orphion defeat a magma-based Wraith creature before the two responded to a summons from Rom. They arrived in time to see him seemingly shrink into nothingness, causing the female Knight to break down. Only after Baron Karza had dispatched Orphion did Livia attack only to be overpowered and lose an arm. She later scanned the area with Darby Mason but neither of their Analyzers could find any trace of Rom or the Micronauts. Rousing Orphion, the group then took their leave to plan a counter attack. Small World

The group eventually tracked their foes to Hashima Island but were soon cornered in Gokseong, South Korea. They were soon saved from death by the still alive Rom and the Micronauts though Rom himself now remained at Microspace scale. In a private moment, Rom pulled Livia aside and revealed he had learned of enerchanges and how they might hold the key to permanently removing Space Knight armor. Much to Rom's disappointment however, Livia had no desire to remove her suit, relishing in the power it gave her. When the group mounted their assault, Livia joined Orphion and the humans in acting as a distraction. Asymmetric Warfare

In short order however, the Presence awoke forcing Livia and Orphion to take their leave. When they arrived, they found Rom and Baron Karza merging into a composite being. As she and Orphion attacked the deity, she struck the latter with Entropy Cloud energy claiming his life. At Rom's advice, the Micronauts and Livia then attacked the Absence, the conduit between the dimensions, trapping the Presence back in her realm along with the Entropy Cloud. Baron Karza then surrendered Rom's power back to him and fled back to his realm before the group buried Orphion. Gods and Monsters

Soon afterwards, Livia left the planet. Unstopped and Unstoppable TFWikiFavicon.png

Livia eventually returned to Elonia in time for the planet to come under attack from Unicron. Unlike Rom, Livia highly suspected Unicron was a Cybertronian trick but nonetheless joined the attack only for the monster planet to effortlessly overpower the Space Knights, burning the armor off Livia's arms and legs. After Unicron had consumed the planet, Livia was rescued by Sata, Our Darkest TFWikiFavicon.png being brought to Cybertron to recover. Ad Infinitum

Their refuge was short lived however for Unicron soon came to Cybertron and overpowered its defences. Via the magic of the Spectral Knights, Livia was teleported to Earth, reuniting with Rom, who'd made the trip via space bridge. Road's End TFWikiFavicon.png Livia stood by Rom when the forces of Earth attacked the Decepticon Vengeance Division. Unicron #5 TFWikiFavicon.png Once Unicron had been destroyed, Livia and Rom tended to an Elonian child who'd been orphaned by the crisis where they realized that the Space Knights would have to take on new roles in the era they found themselves in. Ceremony TFWikiFavicon.png


  • While it was unclear if Livia was from Elonia when she first appeared, Chris Ryall confirmed on Twitter that she was indeed Elonian.[1]
  • Livia is something of a stand-in for Brandy Clark/Starshine; Rom's (in this case former) lover, who has alienated him due to her aggressive, militaristic ways of dealing with the Dire Wraiths.


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