Dark Jem: Part Two

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Jem and the Holograms #12
"Dark Jem"
"Dark Jem: Part Two"
First published February 24, 2016
Story by Kelly Thompson & Sophie Campbell
Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Sophie Cambell
Colors by M. Victoria Robado
Letters by Shawn Lee
Edits by John Barber

Synergy's infection spreads to The Holograms and The Misfits find their new singer.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

As they wait for The Holograms to arrive, Ashley and Lela are arguing, only stopping when they and the rest of The Starlights notice their music teachers arriving. While they're taken aback by the much more severe look the four women are sporting, they back down and begin complimenting it once Jem confronts them over their complaints and orders them off the stage. They play the same discordant noise that transformed them for the girls and leave as quickly as they came, telling the concerned Ms. Bailey that they've taught the girls all they can.

As they finish playing Attack of the Night, the three original Misfits are all in agreement: Blaze is their new lead singer! While she's at first overjoyed at the news, she begins to get nervous when Stormer asks if she's really ready for this and excuses herself from the room. As she begins to have a breakdown in the hall, Clash emerges from the shadows and begins to confront her, asking why she's so upset when she's just gotten everything both of them have ever wanted, but soon backs off when she notices she's actually in distress. Asking her friend what's wrong, Blaze tearfully explains that while getting to sing for The Misfits is a dream come true for her, she doesn't know how she's going to tell them that she's transgender. Though Clash notes she doesn't have to tell them, Blaze feels like she should, as they'll be touring together and she figures they'll find out sooner or later. When she expresses worry that they'll hate her for it, Clash promises her that won't happen and that she'll back her up no matter what. Heading back into the studio, Blaze explains herself and, to her surprise, her bandmates are totally okay with who she is, Roxy seeming more concerned with whether she's punctual or not than her gender. With that out of the way, Blaze is now an official member of The Misfits!

At the Benton home, Shana is too busy berating the roadies loading The Holograms' equipment and luggage to pay any attention to Rio. With her occupied, he turns to Aja and asks about their rather uncharacteristic new look, which she tells him to get used to. He then approaches Jerrica, who only gives a plainly spoken "Hey." as he puts and arm around her shoulder. Asking him what he wants and noting that they're behind schedule, Rio just says he wanted to check on her, having not seen her since the pool party. She explains her behavior by saying she's been busy writing new songs for the tour, which she notes will blow his mind when he hears them. Just then, Kimber blows past the two of them and tells Jerrica to hurry up and get in the limo. Jerrica prepares to join her sister but is stopped by Rio who's concerned by the drastic change in her look and wondering if she's okay. Annoyed, she asks him what he's even doing here, to which he explains that he's been assigned to cover the first leg of the tour and was thinking it'd be more fun to ride with her and her sisters rather than with The Misfits. Denying his request, Jerrica heads back towards the limo and joins her sisters, also projecting a hologram of Jem climbing into the car as well.

Before taking off on the tour, Stormer makes a stop at Pizzazz's home, repeatedly ringing the doorbell and telling the story about Clash's disastrous audition to try and convince her old bandmate to answer the door. With that not working, Stormer sadly hangs her head and tells her that she and the rest of The Misfits miss her and are waiting for her to get better and join them on the tour, the former frontwoman curled up sitting on the floor in front of the door. With both bands now officially on the road, their tour buses both make a stop to get something to eat. As they unload, The Misfits are shocked to see The Holograms for the first time since they were transformed. Later, backstage at the first show of the tour, Stormer approaches Kimber to wish her luck only for the Hologram to suddenly seem rather distant and indifferent towards her. Rio doesn't fare much better, essentially being told to get lost as he approaches The Holograms as they get ready to go on stage looking for Jerrica.

With Rio and The Misfits hanging out in the green room, disinterested in the opening act, The Holograms take the stage and begin playing their new song, the audience's eyes beginning to glow the same shade of yellow theirs are...

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Other trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In addition to her normal art credit, Sophie Campbell also receives a story credit alongside writer Kelly Thompson.

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