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Guernsey is one of the Channel Islands; though independently governed, it is a Crown dependency in the posession of the United Kingdom. Some aren't happy with that, though, and want full independence from Britain.

The island was home to Victor Hugo during his exile from France, during which time he served as the head of the Action Man Programme.


After a group of extremists claiming to call for Guernsey's independence from the UK took control of Victor Hugo's home, Hauteville House, Action Man infiltrated the building through a sea entrance and retrieved the data stored on a hidden hard drive in the building; however, upon seeing a one of the terrorists with an "X" belt buckle, he broke cover and attacked them. Absolute Beginners Though all the hostages were rescued unharmed, the Guernsey authorities disputed the Action Man Programme's jurisdiction in the matter, leading Director Pauline Bestley to have to deal with the red tape. England, Half English


  • In real life, you won't find many hardline Guernsey separatists, since the Bailiwick of Guernsey is independently governed. They certainly aren't taking pensioners hostage to that end.
  • Guernsey also happens to be home to John Barber's fellow writer on IDW's Transformers titles, James Roberts.

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