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Carlos Guzman is an editor for IDW Publishing.


Carlos Guzman was the overworked editor of Clue. When Upton realized that he wasn't being written like the omniscient narrator he was, he looked out of his panel to complain at Guzman. Guzman (who did not approve this joke) assured Upton that he'd inform the writer to do better. Clue #1

When the comic began to introduce flashback sequences to Colonel Mustard's past, Upton interrupted the flashback to complain once more. Guzman countered that flashbacks are a common device of mystery stories. Upton saw them as unnecessary, but Guzman reminded him of who called the shots on this comic, forcing Upton to back down. Clue #3

In the fourth issue, the tables turned and Guzman was forced to interrupt Upton's narration cutting it short so that they could use what few pages remained for a flashback focusing on Miss Scarlett. He then had to call Upton back to close the issue out, which Upton used as an opportunity to once more complain about the flashbacks. Clue #4


Hopefully this side of the table is doing better.
Well, we're certainly off to a fantastic start.

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  • Guzman's office in Clue is populated with various Hasbro paraphernalia, as well as a framed picture of Time Cheetah, the titular star of a webcomic co-created and co-written by Guzman. How accurate this is to the real Guzman's office is unknown.

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