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The name or term "Bill" refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Bill (disambiguation).
The little bit of country that balances out all that Rock 'n Roll.

Given away by his trademark mustache, sunglasses, and cowboy hat, Wild Bill is an ace pilot of planes and helicopters alike, putting his skills to use for the elite G.I. Joe team!


Wild Bill was a member of G.I. Joe. Sparks recommended Bankshot check with Wild Bill to see if he knew the title of the Chuck Norris movie he was trying to think of the name of. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #2

Bill joined his fellow Joes in memorializing Bazooka after he was killed out in the field. G.I. Joe vol. 1 #15

Wild Bill co-piloted the plane delivering Force Hammerdown to Cobra's Section Five mining facility in Patagonia with Lighthorse. Deep Terror, Part 3 Deep Terror Conclusion After rescuing Scarlett and Team Bravo from Section Five, Wild Bill flew them and Tripwire to the USS Flagg in a helicopter. Deep Terror Epilogue

After their mission in southern Libya went awry, Wild Bill and Ace picked up Scarlett's team by flying their cargo plane low enough to the ground that they were able to drive the truck they were exfiltrating on up the plane's ramp. Crush Depth, Part 1

Wild Bill piloted a Dragonfly from G.I. Joe's base on Governor's Island to Warrenton, Ohio after word got back to base that the team that had been deployed there had been ambushed. Homefront, Part 4 As he and the other Dragonflies arrived, Bill radioed in back to base to inform them that they've had no luck hailing Duke or any members of his team. Shortly after this, the bombs Cobra had planted throughout Warrenton went off, creating a gigantic explosion that horrified Bill. Homefront, Part 5

Following G.I. Joe being shut down, Wild Bill joined up with the Earth Defense Command after Joe Colton took control of the organization, enthusiastically piloting a transforming mech loaned to the EDC by their allies in the People's Liberation Army Mecha Force on a mission to attack and capture the injured Cybertronians while they licked their wounds in the Indian Ocean. White Heat TFWikiFavicon.png

At some point, Wild Bill was secretly killed and replaced by an alien Dire Wraith. When the defunct G.I. Joe was reformed as an international organization to take the place of the EDC, this Wild Bill imposter was brought on. Not knowing what happened to him, Scarlett trusted Bill enough to bring him on a mission to investigate why the EDC facility of Bikini Atoll had gone dark. Staying behind with Rock 'n Roll and Quick Kick while Scarlett and Roadblock tried to approach the base directly, Bill grabbed a knife and began sneaking up on Rock. However, Quick Kick noticed what he was doing and pushed Rock out of the way before Bill had a chance to kill him. Knocking the knife out of his hand, Quick Kick began fighting against Bill but was quickly overwhelmed by his Wraith abilities. Taunting Kick as he began choking him out with his tentacles, Wild Bill met his end when Rock 'n Roll sneaked up on him and began savagely beating him with the butt of his assault rifle. D.T.A. TFWikiFavicon.png


A pretender to the cowboy throne.
  • Wild Bill's real name has never been given in fiction but traditionally it has been William S. Hardy. Hell of a top secret codename if it has your real name in it!
  • A pilot with a mustache resembling Bill's pilots the cargo plane used by Hawk, Stalker, Duke, and Scarlett in G.I. Joe: Origins #1, but it's unclear whether it's meant to be him or not. Considering that he doesn't appear when the team gathers in issue #3 and lacks the character's trademark hat, it's most likely that Origins' "Bill" is just a generic pilot.
  • It is unknown if Wild Bill was actually killed and replaced by a Dire Wraith or if he was simply a sleeper agent with a constructed identity.

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