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Bryce Chan is the Action Man Programme's Quartermaster, responsible for dealing with the organization's technological resources and equipping Action Man with all the necessary devices for his mission.


Bryce Chan was born in Cambridge, England, and from a young age showed an aptitude in technical matters, something his parents were very encouraging of. At the age of 12 he discovered he had an aptitude for tennis as well and won several local tournaments before growing bored of the sport at 13.

While attending the University of Nottingham, Bryce was recruited into the Action Man Programme's tech division by the Programme's quartermaster Professor Ernst Sinclair. To the irritation of the other members of the tech divison, Chan gradually became Sinclair's protégé. After Ian Noble enlisted into AMP's tech divison, he and Chan became friends, bonding over the rest of the tech division's resentment towards them. Bryce Chan profile After Professor Sinclair dropped dead due to his heavy diet of red meat and bitters, Chan was promoted to replace him as quartermaster, in part thanks to the only other candidate, Ian, becoming the new Action Man.

During Ian's stint as Action Man, Chan was called in to explain how defuse a dirty bomb, but wasn't of much help, forcing Ian to take drastic measures to prevent devastation to London. When Action Man got back to headquarters, Chan turned over some devices—a micro-rebreather and a data card that could remotely copy and delete data—for his next mission to Guernsey. Absolute Beginners

When Ian got a bit out of hand during the mission, he was chewed out by Director Bestley and fought by Agent Salmons, but Chan broke up the latter confrontation. Suspecting that Doctor X was behind Guernsey, Ian gave Chan a mobile phone he picked up from Guernsey, so that the Quartermaster could find some leads. After spotting a call to Bath, Chan kept in touch with Ian when he went to investigate. England, Half English Ian ended up knocking out Colditz, which allowed him the opportunity to infiltrate Doctor X's Chateau as the mercenary. This time, Chan gave him a data card that would allow him to keep cover whenever his identity was digitally looked up. Before Ian took his leave, he relayed his suspicions of a traitor within the Action Man Programme.

Chan supported Ian from afar in his infiltration of the Chateau, even when his cover was blown. When Action Man came across the Professor and saw the logo on his data card matched that of Chan's, he accused the Quartermaster of being the traitor, promoting Bestley to put him under arrest. Out of the Way They eventually worked out their differences and went to rescue Ian and Salmons from the actual traitor, Mercy Gale, who was also Doctor X. In the process, they managed to explode the airship that Gale and her associates were on. Once Ian recovered from the ordeal back in Britain, Chan and Bestley saw him off to the next mission. Mr Love and Justice

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